Tuesday 23 June 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Favourite Top Ten Tuesday Topics I Have Done'.

This is such a fantastic idea for a topic! I haven't been doing this Meme for five whole years, but I've definitely done it for a year or so. There have been so many enjoyable topics to talk about too!

1) Books I'd Recommend For Particular Genres/Readers.

I always like recommending books, and there have been a few times in the past while partaking in this weekly motif that I have been allowed to do so. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean it in an arrogant way. I just get excited at the prospect of sharing my own reading experiences and favourites with other people. Looking back on these now, I have read a lot since writing these posts and have plenty more ideas. I still like reflecting on my previous choices though!

Books I'd Recommend For Those Who Haven't Read Historical Fiction / Underrated Books/Authors In The Paranormal Genre / Books For People Who Like Animals / Favourite Books In The Fantasy Genre / If You Liked This, Read That

2) Places That Books Have Made Me Want To Visit.

This is one post in particular that I am thinking of, but book worlds are such a fascinating topic for me that I had to include it on this list. Most of my choices were made-up locations of course, but there are a few places of the world that books have inspired me to visit!

Places That Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

3) Favourite Heroines From Books.

This one is another very specific post of mine, but heroines in books are very important to me. Girl power always needs to be a thing! I made sure to pick the best kinds of heroines I could think of: strong, smart and independent, yet still in touch with their humanity and compassion. After all, I want to be able to relate to them too. I've met plenty of heroines since this post, some even better than the ladies I've listed here. But these women will always have a place in my heart.

Favourite Heroines From Books

4) Reasons That I Love Blogging/Reading.

This is actually quite an old post of mine, written when my blog was still in it's infancy. These reasons still apply though, even now! I've done and achieved so much since this post was written, but at the heart of it all, I still adore doing all of these things.

Reasons That I Love Blogging/Reading

5) Books On My Seasonal TBR List.

These are actually my favourite types of posts. I love deciding what I'm going to read for the next few months and I've always found this Meme the bes way to do it! It's always interesting looking back on them and finding out how many I managed too!

Spring 2014 / Summer 2014 / Autumn 2014 / Winter 2014 / Spring 2015 / Summer 2015

6) Favourite Books I Read This Year.

Looking back is just as fun as looking forward, and reflecting on a whole year's worth of reads is so much fun! It's really nice to smile and remember all the good books you read over the course of twelve months.

Favourite Books I Read In 2014 / All Time Favourite Books From The Past 5 Years

7) My Bookish Wish-List.

I have a lot of book-related wish lists and they are quite fun to make as well! B it books themselves or book-related things then I want it, and I will wish and wish until I hopefully get what I want!

Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing Me This Year (2014) / Book-Related Things On My Wishlist

8) Cover Art Trends I Like/Dislike.

These were also two of my favourite posts because I am a huge fan of cover art. I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but I always find myself doing it a little bit. Oops!

Cover Art Trends I Like/Dislike / Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces Of Art

9) Bookish Goals/Resolutions.

Goals and resolutions are always fun to make, and even more interesting to look back on. I've definitely got better at some of these things, and have yet to do others. I can't wait to achieve them all!

Goals/Resolutions For 2015

10) Characters I Want On A Desert Island With Me.

There were a few different posts with this sort of theme. Choosing characters that I would like to be my friend or would choose to be by my side in a certain situation. The desert Island was definitely my favourite, it made me think a whole lot more.

Characters I Would Want On A Desert Island With Me / Characters That Would Be My Best Friend / Characters That Would Sit At My Lunch Table

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