Monday 17 October 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans (10th October - 16th October)...

This week, for me, has probably been one of the most stressful I've had in a while. It hasn't all been bad, but so much has been happening that I've ended up feeling very overwhelmed and drained by the end of it. This is mostly down to work and if you put that aside I've actually had two lovely days off. Firstly Monday, I went back to Ashford in order to visit family and take care of an appointment back at home. I spent a large portion of the day with my sister which was lovely, and we went into Town in order to start our Christmas shopping. As usual, I ended up buying absolutely nothing present-wise, but things for me instead!

After my rather exhausting week at work, I was glad to have another day off on Sunday. I did a few chores in the morning before heading off to Tash and Meg's in the afternoon in preparation for our pre-arranged dinner at theirs. My walk to their flat was eventful due to the terrible rain and upon finally arriving we didn't end up catching up with Season 6 of 'Once Upon A Time' as we thought we would, but instead chatted and ate cookies. Mat came later after he finished work and we stayed pretty late into the night. It's been a long time since the five of us did something like that together since moving out, so it was a lot of fun!

I Read...

I Received...

- 'Uprooted' by Naomi Novik: Bought in Waterstones (10/08/16)
- 'We Should All Be Feminists' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Bought in Waterstones (10/08/16)
- 'A Girl Called Owl' by Amy Wilson: Approved by Netgalley (12/10/16)
- 'Heartless' by Marissa Meyer: ARC sent by Pan Macmillan (15/10/16)
- 'A Quiet Kind Of Thunder' by Sara Barnard: ARC sent by Pan Macmillan (15/10/16)

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