Monday, 29 May 2017

Last Week's Shenanigans (22nd May - 28th May)...ANOTHER HAUL?!

Oh no! The last week of May is normally horrible because it reminds me that my birth month (yes, I've designated myself a whole month...don't judge me...) is over! Some great things happened this week though and so I at least ended up going out with a bang! The main thing was, of course, Comic Con on Sunday! I love Comic con but this year I got to go with just Mat for the first time ever, which was a lot of fun!

If you have never been to a convention like this before I really recommend it. There's always such a great atmosphere and comfortable feeling between everyone who attends and the best part is that so many people choose to dress up! Mat and I didn't this time around, but we do plan to in October, hopefully as Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, our joint favourite film!

The best part of Comic Con is of course the haul of awesome bits and bobs bought there! Here's mine:

The first thing I went for was a lucky dip type bag of bits that were themed around My Neighbour Totoro and I was so pleased with the result! Two little key-ring plushies of Totoro and the Cat Bus plus an amazing new Totoro hat! I actually lost my fox-style hat around winter so I was pleased to get a new one! We also saw and fell in love with a Totoro-themed cushion, seeing as we were in need of a new one for our sofa! Our next mission was to find a Jack Skellington Pop! figure to keep the Sally one I bought on my birthday shopping trip! It took a lot of searching but we finally found one! While looking, I also bought a Chinese Dragon-styled ring that I've named Haku after the character from Spirited Away. Those beautiful, huge plushies were next and I was actually surprised that Mat let me buy them seeing as I already have far too many soft toys, but they're mine now and I adore them. Lastly the two hoodies you see there were from David & Goliath, and they had some great designs!

All in all, a lot of fun and I can't wait for October!

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Note: I read 'The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes' from this collection only.

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- 'Popular' by Mitch Prinstein: Approved by Netgalley (22/05/17)

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