Tuesday 1 May 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Books I'd Fight A Bear Underwater To Get Early'.

Okay, so I changed up the title a little bit after repeating Todrick Hall's album Straight Outta Oz repeatedly these last few days (see the track 'Lions & Tigers & Bears' for the reference). But the intent is the same! I would seriously kill for these titles...seriously...

1) 'Floored' by Sara Barnard, Holly Bourne et al.

As soon as I saw the announcement for this one I was straight onto begging for a place on the mailing list. The proofs look so beautiful and I'm 100% on board with anything that Sara Barnard has had a hand in!

2) 'King Of Scars' by Leigh Bardugo.

This only recently came on my radar, but I need it. My baby Nikolai is the central character?! It's going to have a 'Six Of Crows' POV character?! HAVE YOU SEEN THE BOOK TRAILER?! HIEWHNNCLDSNC! Sign me up!

3) 'The Winter Of The Witch' by Katherine Arden.

The third and final installment to one of my favourite fantasy series is coming out this year. I am here for anything related to this book because it looks like it's going to be everything I've ever wanted! So exciting!

4) 'Sea Witch' by Sarah Henning.

I am so desperate for a copy of this book! There really aren't enough Sea Witch (of 'The Little Mermaid' fame) origin stories/retellings and I'm getting really good vibes from this one! I love that it references the Hans Christian Andersen version too, rather than Disney's Ursula!

5) 'Pride' by Ibi Zoboi.

I'm really surprised that I haven't seen this book floating around the blogosphere more, but a contemporary retelling of 'Pride & Prejudice' that is borne from POC culture and heritage is always going to go to the top of my priority list! I'm honestly so excited about this book!

6) 'The Winds Of Winter' by George R.R. Martin.

Many will think me a fool for listing this one, as it's probably not going to be released in my lifetime, even if Martin does outlive me! That being said, what I would give to be able to do a Miranda Priestly and secure a manuscript copy while everyone else waits!

7) 'Spinning Silver' by Naomi Novik.

This looks so pretty, first off! Just look at the stunning cover! I'm a big fan of the tale of Rumpelstiltskin so I'm intrigued by this retelling of the story because I haven't seen many of them.

8) 'Notes On A Nervous Planet' by Matt Haig.

'Reasons To Stay Alive' was a life-changing read for me, and now all of Matt Haig's titles catch my eye. Especially this one because it's (a) non-fiction, and (b) a lot more focused on anxiety which is something I would like to understand better so that I can understand myself better.

9) 'And The Ocean Was Our Sky' by Patrick Ness.

Ness never fails to grab me with his eye-catching, original story-telling and this book looks particularly stunning! I love the cover, and the promise of beautiful illustrations from Rovina Cai. I would love to get an ARC of this one!

10) 'The Curses' by Laure Eve.

I remember adoring 'The Graces' which was a little unexpected as I only expected to like it. My thoughts still go back to it a lot, especially it's fantastic use of an unreliable narrator, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it's sequel can bring to the table!

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