Tuesday 21 April 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Favourite Authors'.

Wow, this is going to be tough. I can't wait to see how other people will cope with this category though!

1) George R.R. Martin.

I'll start off with this man because I'm reading one of his books right now. George R.R. Martin is a ruthless man. He has a habit of building up the most wonderful of characters, only to kill them off just when you start getting attached to them. And yet, I love him for it! I first got into the world that the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series was set in via the TV Show 'A Game Of Thrones' it's true, but now I'm working my way through the books now and I have to say, they are some of the best Fantasy I have ever read. It's a politically intriguing masterpiece, and the amount of detail that has gone into these books is so impressive that I can't help but read more and more. I am so looking forward to the next book, and I know most of the world is with me on this one!

2) Markus Zusak.

I don't care that I've only read one book by this guy. It's the best book I've ever read, and so of course Zusak is one of my favourite authors! His writing was just phenomenal, and I was blown away by how soul-shattering his book was, yet I would read it over and over if I could. I really ought to read more of his books having enjoyed 'The Book Thief' so much. But I just haven't got round to it as of yet! I can't wait till I do!

3) Tamora Pierce.

Ahh Tamora Pierce. I think everyone who has read my blog will know how much I love and admire this woman. I have worked my way through so many of her books, and adored them all! Most of the books I've read of hers were set in Tortall, and it's only the 'Beka Cooper' series that I haven't finished from that set. I did get through quite a portion of her Emelan set series too and really enjoyed those too. I want to reread every one of her books at some point because I've seriously missed them!

4) Marissa Meyer.

I started her 'Lunar Chronicles' series last year and absolutely adored it! Now, I am very impatiently waiting for 'Winter' to come out like everyone else. I love these books so much! The characters, the plot, just the fact that they are such clever, original re-tellings of some of the most well-known stories! I hope she keeps creating more and more lovely stories for me to read.

5) Roald Dahl.

Of course Roald Dahl was going to appear on this list! His book 'Matilda' was the very first I remember getting through and the book that really got me into reading. His other stories are firm favourites of mine too and I have loved them since childhood.

6) Holly Black.

There is something about this lady that just keeps bringing me back. Whenever I've read her books I've found I have never been able to give them a low rating because Holly Black has such an amazing imagination. She writes so many different stories and I have enjoyed them all! I can't wait to continue reading them!

7) J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter has always been and will always be a huge part of my reading life. J.K. Rowling is a wonderful author and she captures my imagination in a way not many authors do and the Harry Potter series is one of the first series in which I totally devoured every book.

8) Jacqueline Wilson.

This lady's books stayed with me for a very long time because they dealt with such real situations. I loved the problems that the children faced in each and every one, and the mostly happy endings that they get in the end. There was something very loveable about Jacqueline Wilson's books and so relateable too.

9) Christopher Paolini.

I remember the first time I saw 'Eragon' on the shelf in the bookshop I totally fell in love with it! The cover was gorgeous, the book was thick and the plot sounded so intriguing! I loved this series so much and really want to read the last book.

10) Patrick Rothfuss.

'The Name Of The Wind' is hands down one of the best Fantasy books I have ever read. If anyone who is reading this list loves Fantasy then I highly rate this particular series. It has adventure, a complicated and well thought out magic system, great and memorable characters and an interesting plot. And that's just the first book!

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