Wednesday 1 February 2017

Planned Reads For February.

Wow, are we already on month two of 2017? Crazy! I have a couple of leftover reads from January that I'm dying to get to, as well as six awesome new picks that I'm excited about.

  1. 'The Loneliness Of Distant Beings' by Kate Ling. I've started this one already (I'm about a quarter of the way through) and I have to say I'm enjoying it so far though intrigued to see where Ling is actually going with this. It's been on my list for a long time, provided by Netgalley an age ago.
  2. 'Under Rose Tainted Skies' by Louise Gornall. I've been looking forward to this book for some time, and it was one of my most anticipated reads from attending and buying it at YALC. It's focus on mental health, anxiety and in particular Agoraphobia will definitely make for an interesting read I'm sure!

  1. 'Ruin & Rising' by Leigh Bardugo. Finally I am going to actually read this book and finish the series. I've had some ups and downs with it: I love the world-building, villain and plot but not so keen on the romance. I hope that this last book will convince me that this is a good series because I desperately wanted to finish it before starting 'Six Of Crows'!
  2. 'Orangeboy' by Patrice Lawrence. In a bid for more diverse reads, this was next on the list. Reading the description made me think fondly of my love for Malorie Blackman's 'Noughts & Crosses' series, as this focuses on gangs, racism and family. I've heard great things from bloggers that I trust, so I look forward to it!
  3. 'Stargirl' by Jerry Spinelli. This classic contemporary is another Netgalley approval that combats the idea of having to fit in and calls out bullies as wrong. I strongly believe that people should be allowed to express themselves in any way that they want without judgement and I look forward to reading a book that promotes this message.
  4. 'The Rest Of Us Just Live Here' by Patrick Ness. It's time to read some more of the weird and wonderful by this guy! I love Ness' ability to cross genres so easily, and the way that he so flawlessly includes diverse characters within his stories. I love the premise of this story too, so it has a lot of promise to be a 5 star read I think!
  5. 'Ash' by Malinda Lo. This LGBT retelling of Cinderella has been on my TBR for ages! In fact, I'm pretty sure I pledged to read it a ton of times in 2016 and then never got round to it, so I really want to not keep dragging that out in 2017 too. It's received some great reviews and I've seen Lo's name pop up a few times on the Blogosphere regarding her newer release 'Huntress' too.
  6. 'Small Great Things' by Jodi Picoult. Another book that focuses on social issues that feel really relevant right now, but this time from another name that I hear frequently and have never read: Jodi Picoult. I often saw her books around but felt they just weren't something that would interest me. This is new territory for Picoult though, so perhaps a good place to start?

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