Monday 20 November 2017

Last Week Shenanigans (13th November - 19th November)...

What a busy old week it has been! Firstly, I went to go and see Murder On The Orient Express with Mat and we both enjoyed it very much! It's definitely a fantastic film with a stellar cast (though I am a little sick of seeing Johnny Depp's face and not the biggest fan of Kenneth Branagh) and all of them did a cracking job. I loved Judi Dench especially, and of course Daisy Ridley did wonderfully, it was good to see her in this role.

One of our close friends organised a lovely meal out on the Friday at Las Iguanas, Spitalfields. The food is definitely wonderful and I'm a huge fan of their iced tea! We had a really nice time out and it was good to catch up with friends, especially after such a hard week at work. Sunday too was a time for birthday-oriented socialisation. My sister's birthday is on the 25th so we went down to see her and give her gift in advance. I've always enjoyed catching up with family, and playing lots of games.

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