Monday 24 November 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans (17th November - 23rd November)...

Once again, no holiday for me at work. I did end up having quite an interesting week though! We've been watching Supernatural in the flat (by Saturday Night, we had finished Season 1). Why have I never watched this TV series before? It's so good! If you've watched it before you're probably on the floor in shock that I haven't, but if you haven't watched it then I highly recommend it as a show! It's truly fantastic! On Monday, before work, I went to Westfield Shopping Centre and made a pretty decent start on my Christmas Shopping! Hooray!

The other strange thing is that currently, I am writing from the computer at my Parent's house in Ashford. Why? Because on Sunday afternoon, I came back to stay for a few days, as on Tuesday 25th it's my Sister's birthday! I had a lovely catch up with my family and we played a few games, which was lots of fun. All in all, a lovely week!

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