Monday 25 May 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (18th May - 24th May)...

This week actually got off to a pretty rocky start because I fell ill on the very first day! It was my day off of work, but it did mean that my last Birthday treat was a little more tiring than I had planned it to be. I went to go and watch 'War Horse' with Mat at the Theatre. The show itself was fantastic and I absolutely adored it, apart from the fact that I felt so ill. If anyone gets the chance to see it, I thoroughly recommend it!

I had Tuesday off because I still felt rough but went back to work on Wednesday. It was so strange, but really nice to see everyone again! Work was of course tiring and a little busy, but I learnt some new things and am so glad I'm back now! I definitely needed the holiday though! Sunday I spent a really nice day with my flat mates and Mat. We played monopoly among other games and watched some TV together. It was a really nice end to the week!

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