Monday 13 March 2017

Last Week's Shenanigans (6th March - 12th March)...

In comparison to the very quiet weeks I've had for the last few days, this one has been a lot busier! On Monday, Mat's Mum came up to see us and the three of us, with Tash, went on a tour of Westminster (the houses of Parliament in particular). Tash actually works for a politician meaning we could skip the queues and huge tour groups which was pretty cool! Among the areas we visited were the House of Commons, the House of Lords (definitely a whole lot fancier) and even the Queen's robing chamber! It was a fun experience and educational at the same time! Afterwards, Mat and I went to dinner with Mat's Mum, before heading home to spend the evening watching TV. It was certainly a fun day out and the start, I hope, of many more fun Monday adventures!

After another week of work (less interesting I'm afraid) I went to Ashford to visit my family for my Mum's day of confirmation at St Mary's, Sellindge. Though I myself am not religious, it was a nice service and so great to see my family that I haven't seen in a while: Aunts and Grandparents alike! Once the service was over, my sister went out for Fish & Chips which I haven't eaten in ages before I got the train back to London! All in all, a lovely day out!

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