Monday 1 January 2018

My 2018 Challenge Sign-Up Post!

So firstly I want to state that I'm not going to be nearly so hard on myself challenge-wise this year. I'll be taking part in a few because there are so many good ones but I'll be using them to guide my reading rather than dictate it. I want to try and spend more time on my blog creating more original content so challenges are going to have to take a little step back.

That being said, I'm really excited to have picked so many good ones! A few you will probably recognise from last year but there are some new ones here too!

Hosted by Novel Knight

Everyone has a huge backlist right? Not just me? To be honest I love reading New Releases and I will definitely be doing that this year, but I feel it's important to go back and read some of those older reads I never got round to! This particular challenge includes any books released PRIOR to 2018, which is awesome! Also, I get to be part of a team, which you'll see on my blog sidebar after this post is released! Exciting!

Goal: 20 Books

Team: Novel Knights

Hosted by Celebrity Readers

While we are on the topic of reading books I ought to have read by now, let's talk about my inability to finish the series I start. I really want to catch up with this actually because there are so many good ones I'm missing out on, and what I love about this challenge is that it includes being totally caught up with a series as a 'finish', even if there is still another book due in, say, 2019! I definitely plan to play catch-up this year, wish me luck!

Goal: B-List (5-8 Series)

Hosted by Unconventional Book Views

Just because I intend to play catch-up this year doesn't mean I won't read anything released in 2018 too! I want to create a good balance this year, like I managed to in 2017, and I've found this challenge a lot of fun the last couple of years I've taken part.

Goal: Newbie (1-30 Books)

Hosted by Bookish Things & More

I entered this challenge last year and got through THIRTY of my Netgalley/Edelweiss reads as a result! That's amazing, and without it I know my percentage would be ridiculously bad. There's no way I'm not doing this again!

Goal: Silver (25 Books)

Hosted by Ginger Mom & The Kindle Quest

And here is another new one! Like I said, I'm being more relaxed about these so I thought it would be cool to see how many 'letters' I could tick off book title wise. I'm not expecting to get all 26, even with the freebie, but when I get a little stuck picking my next read, this might come in handy!

Goal: Flamingo (11-15 Books)

Hosted by Mommy Mannegren

Again, this will be more of a guide than anything. Sometimes I get readers block (probably because there's so much choice) and need a little help picking my next book! I'm working to expand my reading too, I already managed to do that a lot in 2017, so I'm hoping to do it even more this year!

Hosted by Book Riot

I almost didn't add this to the list, but I couldn't resist because I can already visualise the reads I'm going to use for a lot of these categories. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself though, as with the others.

Hosted by girlXOXO

Everyone knows this is an old favourite of mine. How could I say no this year? I'm sad that the Key Words Challenge I usually take part in will no longer be running alongside it, but this is a great, category based challenge and I'm a big fan of themes.

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