Monday 11 August 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Job Hunting!

I've actually ended up, all in all, having a fairly busy week this week! The first half maybe not so much, but the second half was very busy indeed for me.

Monday 4th: Today was probably one of the more boring days for me this week. I had work at 11 so I spent the morning getting ready for it, and then the rest of the day working and coming home. Work itself wasn't too bad though, we have a few new workers and I was tasked with showing one of them the ropes which made a nice change. I didn't feel all that well at first, and because Bev was ill, I worried I had caught it. It turned out okay in the end though!

Tuesday 5th: Tuesday was my day off and Bev was still ill, so we spent the morning watching various programmes (Pram Face mainly) on Netflix and generally relaxing. In the afternoon, I decided the time had come to tackle my ridiculously untidy room and I have to say I think I did a pretty good job! You can actually see the carpet and the desks now! It's a miracle! That particular job took up most of the afternoon and evening, and Bev and Mum helped me out which was nice. Obviously, I also wrote out my Top Ten Tuesday post, and I really enjoyed this week's topic!

Wednesday 6th: Well as Mat and I were both off from work, we were supposed to be going out  and doing something fun before I had dinner and a meeting in the evening. However, Mat decided he'd much rather spend the whole morning sleeping in instead. It didn't really matter though in my opinion, all of the things I had wanted to do involved being outside, and it was raining really hard! I did a couple of bits and bobs in the morning, then when Mat eventually arrived with a thousand apologies, we decided to relax at his and watch some more Game Of Thrones. In the afternoon/evening, Mat dropped me in Canterbury and I went for Nandos with some of my work friends, before we all had to attend a meeting at Clarks in preparation for the Back To School period. Overall it was pretty fun, and a work friend dropped me home. Mat quickly popped over again to get the car to me after he'd finished his training (he does Parkour).

Thursday 7th: Another boring day for me here. My family headed to Maidstone to grab some home improvements as they're redecorating the Living Room. I had work pretty early in the morning, so couldn't go with them. When I got home, we sat and watched The Great British Bake-Off together (I seriously love that show) and then after dinner, I headed to Mat's for the evening. I watched even more Game Of Thrones, I am seriously getting into this series so much!

Friday 8th: Now here is where the Job Hunting aspect of my post came in. I was originally supposed to be working on this day, but I ended up swapping with someone else. Instead, after an uneventful morning, I headed up to London in the afternoon to try and sort out my income for when I move there in less than a month. I had a pretty big stroke of luck as the very first Clarks that I stopped at to inquire about a transfer had a full time opening. It was absolutely perfect for what I needed and I'm in the process of getting it all sorted now. While I was up there, I also decided to attend an Open Evening for a Traineeship at the Royal Court Theatre. It sounds like a huge step towards something I would love to do, and a lot of fun. I returned home feeling very happy and tired.

Saturday 9th: Another work shift for me and Clarks is starting to get very, very busy! It was an absolutely knackering day and to be honest, I really wasn't feeling too good. I was glad when it finished and I could go home to relax. Other than work, my day remained pretty uneventful and I really didn't get up to all that much! Bev bought ingredients for, and made some lovely Chocolate and Almond cupcakes (the recipe for which can be found on her blog) and they were absolutely scrumptious!

Sunday 10th: No work today so I spent the morning being domestic and helping Mum with the ironing. Bev was a bit bored and wanted to bake something else so I picked her out another recipe and she made Strawberry and Cream cakes, which again, were divine. I need to learn to bake like Bev, she's amazing! After Mat finished work, I picked him up and we went to his for the evening. We watched another Game Of Thrones episode (Series 3 is almost finished at this point) and he generally looked after me because I still wasn't quite right from Saturday.

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