Monday 4 August 2014

Last Week's Shenanigans: Making the most of Netflix and a broken boiler!

So this week has been pretty uneventful I suppose! I spent a lot of it watching TV and Films, but I'm really glad I did! They were well worth the watch. Bev got a Netflix account after the 30 Day Trial finished, so we've been really getting into some of the things on there!

Monday 28th - So this was actually a day off for me, from work. I had a bit of a lay-in (I was super tired) then when I woke, I spent the morning doing some blog bits and bobs, and reading some more of 'Poison Study'. In the afternoon, Bev and I decided to watch some things on TV, starting with 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas', a film we bought a while back and never watched. It was extremely heart-breaking and sad, and we loved it! Bev's 30 Day Trial was ending too, so we began watching 'American Horror Story' and 'Doctor Who' with Christopher Eccleston on Netflix, as she wasn't sure whether to start paying for an account. Unfortunately, the Boiler broke too so we were without hot water for part of the day.

Tuesday 29th - Most of Tuesday was made up of work or travelling too and from Canterbury. It was pretty busy and there was a lot to do, but it wasn't really an eventful shift as such. I took the opportunity to get a load of reading done on the train however meaning that by the time Tuesday was over, I was almost done! After work I did my Top Ten Tuesday post also, which was a lot of fun this week! 

Wednesday 30th - Once again I had work, but first Bev and I had to stay in for the Engineer to come and fix the boiler. She invited her friend Caz round and together we watched an episode of 'American Horror Story' which is a bit weird but I am starting to really get into it! Work was once again a little boring but it broke up my day and I completely finished 'Poison Study'.

Thursday 31st - Thursday marked another day off with Bev (if you haven't guessed by now, she's out of school term time). And we watched some more 'Doctor Who' and 'American Horror Story', as well as a wonderful film called 'Driving Lessons'. We had Stir Fry for lunch which was delicious, but we didn't do an awful lot else.

Friday 1st - Mat had been away to Dymchurch with a friend of his for a few days, but he came back on Friday and came round late morning. As I hadn't seen him for quite a chunk of the week, it was nice to spend some time with him again. We spent the afternoon helping Dad with some chores, attempting to watch 'Game Of Thrones' and failing because my HDMI Cable was broken, and relaxing. Then in the evening he took me out for Fajitas at Chiquitos and to go and see 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' at the Cinema, which was an amazing film! I've never laughed so hard at a Marvel film (Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon is hilarious) and I thought it tied into the bigger picture pretty well. It does mean I have to wait a long time for the next installment though!

Saturday 2nd - Mum and Dad went away to Nottingham for the weekend to attend a party, meaning my Sister and I were alone. Bev went to see her friend Caz again, and I had work in the afternoon. When I came home, I watched some 'Misfits' with Caz and Bev (Netflix again) and we waited for Mat to come round, though he didn't finish work until 8. As soon as he arrived, we ordered pizza (yes I know I don't really like it but it was a treat because Bev managed to get £10 off of the order as last time she ordered from them, they were apparently late. We played Cards Against Humanity, which is a great game though you need to have a pretty dark sense of humour. Both Caz and Mat stayed over, even though Bev started to feel unwell towards the end of the evening.

Sunday 3rd - After Mat slept over, we decided to go to his house because he had the day off from work. For the most part, we watched 'Game Of Thrones'. Season 3 so far is awesome, though I have a real feeling of impending doom. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, 'Game Of Thrones' is pretty ruthless. Generally it was a bit of a lazy day, but a nice one nonetheless. Bev still wasn't very well, both before I left and after, so I was glad that Mum and Dad came home to entertain us with their Hotel stories!

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Books Reviewed:
Poison Study; Maria V. Snyder

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