Tuesday 18 August 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Auto-Buy Authors'.

I had to really think about how I do this topic because I don't actually auto-buy any more. I used to, with a fair few of my childhood favourites, but then as I grew older I realised I was buying them and not finding time to read them. So I stopped just buying everything as soon as it came out and waited until I could actually find time to read it (my monthly book expenditure has decreased very heavily). I'll write a list of a few of the authors I used to auto-buy/borrow, and then some that if I had the money or the time, I still would!

Authors I Used To Auto-Buy...

1) J.K. Rowling.

This was the big one. When I was growing up, as the 'Harry Potter' series was slowly making it's way out every year, I was the girl who had it pre-ordered way in advance. I was always so excited about reading these books and used to be gutted when my Mum told me I couldn't go and queue for the midnight release. I can't still call her an auto-buy because I haven't bought any of her other books but this is the one that sticks in my memory.

2) Christopher Paolini.

Around the same time as I was about halfway through the Harry Potter series, I got into 'The Inheritance Trilogy' in a big way. I pre-ordered every single book as it came out, and did a good job with reading them straight away from books 1-3. Sadly, despite owning the last book, I haven't actually read it yet. I do desperately want to at some point, but want to do so after re-reading the others because it has been such a long time!

3) Tamora Pierce.

This may be classed as cheating because I didn't technically buy these. But at the time in my life that I was reading them, I was very good friends with a girl who had basically her entire collection and so every week I would come running and begging for the next Tamora Pierce book in the series. I count it because if after reading the first two she had told me she didn't have any more I would have saved up every ounce of my pocket money to get them.

4) Jacqueline Wilson.

Auto-buying this author was actually a joint effort. When I was rather young  my sister and I adored these books. Whenever we went to the book shop with our parents, between us we would always come out with at least one to read (which is why I got through so many of them). Honestly, Wilson is such a fantastic way with a knack for seeing adult problems through the eyes of children. As I grew older I stopped reading them so much, though Bev (my sister) did keep buying them for a while.

5) Patrick Rothfuss.

Though there aren't a huge amount of books in the Patrick Rothfuss collection, he was very much destined to be one of my auto-buy authors. I adored 'The Name Of The Wind'. I loved it so much that I scoured the internet regularly for news of the next book and despite the fact that when it was finally released I had stopped auto-buying, I dropped everything and bought it anyway. The only thing stopping me from doing the same with 'The Slow Regard Of Silent Things' is the fact that I haven't read 'The Wise Man's Fear'...yet.

Authors I Would Auto-Buy If I Still Did...

6) Marissa Meyer.

If there was ever an author that I consider auto-buying every novel and novella that they have out, it's this one. I have fallen completely for her 'Lunar Chronicles' series and though 'Winter' won't be released until November, she's the first author in years I've considered pre-ordering a book from. In fact, it's in my basket so I only need to put it through the checkout...

7) Holly Black.

I basically own/have read so many of this lady's books that people probably do think I auto-buy. The truth is actually no! Most of those I have read I actually acquired through Netgalley or borrowed from a friend. The only ones that I bought for myself are her 'Modern Faerie Tales' series. I feel like if I wasn't so lucky though, I probably would end up buying the whole lot. I have occasional issues with her fast-paced writing but I adore her imagination!

8) Maria V. Snyder.

I want all of the books. All of them! I read 'Poison Study' quite a while back and loved it, and it seriously takes all of my willpower not to order all of the 'Study' and 'Glass' series. Not to mention I keep seeing advertisements for her soon to be released newest additions to the 'Study' series. Gah! Maybe I should break my own rule, add every single one to my Amazon basket and be done with it!

9) George R.R. Martin.

I actually already own the sum total of what he's written for the 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series, but that's only because I received it as a gift. In truth I haven't bought a single one of his books for myself. That doesn't mean I don't want to though. He's written other stories set in Westeros that I would love to read, and even some sci-fi stuff that could be interesting (even though I'm not a huge sci-fi fan)! There's just something about this man's writing that hooks me.

10) Neil Gaiman.

I only own four books written by this man. That's not a huge amount in all honesty, especially as three are on my Kindle (which for some reason makes it feel even worse). However, I admire his books in the shops almost every time I go in there. There are so many I want to read that I wouldn't know where to begin, but those that I have read so far I have really enjoyed. Hopefully I can buy and read more soon?

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