Friday 4 July 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 04/07/2014: I cannot keep my eyes open!

I'm writing this post a little earlier tonight than usual guys, I seriously am struggling to keep my eyes open. It is really hot today and I suspect this has something to do with this overly drowsy feeling. I woke this morning actually feeling pretty refreshed, finished 'Divergent', spent half an hour getting over how good it was then had a bath. I had work this afternoon and so I had to get ready for that too. Work itself wasn't too bad, it was a really quiet day though. That meant that the shift went ultra slowly. I did finally get home though and haven't done an awful lot this evening other than watch some videos and be hit by a sudden tidal wave of sleepiness. My next read will be Eli Horowitz's 'The Silent History' and I'm looking forward to it! 

Tomorrow I have work again (another reason for an early night) but I do have a post that needs posting. Being the first Saturday, I'll be taking part in the Six Degrees Of Separation challenge again! Hooray! I hope to find time to make good progress with my next read, and I'll be seeing Mat too. What a busy day!

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