Thursday 10 July 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 10/07/2014: Holiday approaching!

My morning started off pretty well, even tough I had to get up early. I had work but it was a pretty short shift today and it went so quickly. Before work though, I finished 'Lord Of The Flies' and wrote my Life Of A Blogger post! I didn't have time to do the review until much later on in the day though. After work I came home, quickly got changed, then went straight back out to Mat's! We went with his family to get all the necessary food and supplies for our trip to Wales next week, which I'm so looking forward to! Last time I went to Wales, I visited a friend of mine in Cardiff and had a great time! Llangollen promises to be a little quieter but still looks so interesting and beautiful. Thank goodness for the new camera, just in time for a great holiday. After shopping, we went back to Mat's and had dinner and then I was a tad boring and fell asleep. I don't know what came over me, I just suddenly felt ridiculously tired. It was for those reasons that I ended up posting my review of 'Lord Of The Flies' much later!

Tomorrow, I have the day off. I will be doing a lot of reading, plenty of blog bits and generally catching up with myself a bit.

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