Tuesday 29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Authors I Own/Have Read The Most Books By'.

What an interesting topic, I'm looking forward to writing this list! It's going to be a bit of a mix between authors that I actually own a ton of books by  (though haven't necessarily read them all yet) and authors that I have read a fair amount of their books, because I don't actually have enough shelf space to own huge amounts of books by even my favourite authors. My collection tends to be made up of one or two, maybe three, books from each author!

1) Tamora Pierce.

Of course my beloved Tamora Pierce had to make this list! I have, in one way or another, most of her books. I have loved every one that I have read and plan to re-read them all again at some point, I enjoyed them so much! Tamora Pierce has written so many books too, it would be difficult not to put this Author down on the list. If you haven't read books by this lady, I strongly recommend you do! 'The Song Of The Lioness' Series was my starting point, and I got really heavily into all of her books set in the Tortall Universe. I did get a good way into the books set in the Circle Universe too, though never finished those. Definitely something I need to do at some point in my life!

2) Darren Shan.

When I was at Secondary School, this was the author that I read every book by. I loved 'The Saga Of Darren Shan' and read every trilogy of his Vampiric Young Adult novel! I also read 'The Demonata'  series and enjoyed it a lot, started 'The Thin Executioner' and started 'The Saga Of Larten Crepsley', a spin-off from his original Darren Shan saga. I own a good majority of these books too actually, and I would love to get back into reading them if I had the time.

3) J.K. Rowling.

I have the entire Harry Potter collection, and I'm aware that seven books is not exactly impressive compared to the many books I own of the above authors. However, I own a couple of copies of a fair few of them and I thought that must merit some kind of recognition for this topic. I just really loved this series and the Collection I got from my parents for my birthday made me very happy, so I thought I'd pop it on here!

4) George R.R. Martin.

Now I have only read the first book of George R.R. Martin's 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' series. But I actually have the entire collection sitting on my windowsill, and I adore it! I will certainly be getting the next books when they finally come out (no matter how long I have to wait, I will) and I would love to get hold of some of his other works too! I just think his writing is fantastic!

5) William Shakespeare.

Not technically an Author I suppose, but I love this man and everything he has ever written too much not to include him. I have his collected works, i.e. every play, sonnet, poem etc. that he ever wrote and I adore it! It's my go to when I want to de-stress and it's what really drew me into my love of acting, theatre and even great literature and books, so I owe it to him to pop him on this list I think.

6) Julia Golding.

Now this is one of those authors that I actually rediscovered while searching for the answers to this list. A long time ago, I read the entire Cat Royal series and adored it. Seriously, I was hooked it's an insanely good series. I also have the first book of the 'Darcie Lock' series, 'Ringmaster'. My research led me to a really interesting discovery as well. Julia Golding writes as Joss Stirling! I own two of her books, and read and loved the first, so I actually own even more of this amazing writer's work than I actually thought I did!

7) James Patterson.

I got really heavily into this man's 'Maximum Ride' series! I was so gripped by this guy's work in fact, that I went a bit crazy and downloaded a lot of his books onto my Kindle, none of which I have read as of yet. But I do still own them, so I think it counts. If you haven't heard of Maximum Ride by the way, give it a read. It's great!

8) Enid Blyton.

This was one of my favourite childhood authors and as a result, I own a fair few of her books. I had a large set of her 'Famous Five' series at one point, which I became thoroughly addicted to. In addition, I loved 'Mr Galliano's Circus', 'Tales Of Toyland', and the 'Faraway Tree' books, all of which I owned. I remember reading so many of her works that she definitely needed to be here.

9) Malorie Blackman.

This is another author I've been reading at many different ages. I remember reading 'Thief!' and 'Hacker' when I was younger and really enjoying them, then I adored the 'Noughts And Crosses' series later on in life, which I would recommend to anyone. Her name popped into my mind instantly when I was thinking of Author's whose books I've read a lot of. She is an amazing writer.

10) Jacqueline Wilson.

Jacqueline Wilson books were my late childhood, and my sister and I own an absolute ton of her books (especially my sister). In fact if I listed them all we would be here a long time. I remember really loving 'The Story Of Tracy Beaker', 'The Illustrated Mum', 'The Worry Website', 'The Cat Mummy' (which made me cry a lot, I'm a huge animal lover) and 'Love Lessons'. They all told very powerful tales of love, loss and heartbreak from the perspectives of children. She was an amazing author and I was addicted to all of her stories.

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