Sunday 28 December 2014

The Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award!

I am very late to the party when it comes to posting my answers for this one. My lovely sister, Beverley at My Senses Come To Life, tagged me for this Award ages ago and I never got round to it/completely forgot about it. Until now.

Bev's Questions:

1) Describe your day in one sentence.

I had a very relaxing, chilled-out day today.

2) What do you do in your spare time?

Watch films, play video games, sing, read books (duh!), listen to music and write! Or alternatively if I feel like getting up, shop! If I don't? Shop online!

3) If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

Here is where I would normally put Tom Hiddleston. Except I have actually met Tom Hiddleston so I don't know if I can put that! I did completely fluff up my first meeting with him, so I would love to get the opportunity to actually get it right a second time around! Others I would love to meet: Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and Jennifer Lawrence among many!

4) Mascara or lipstick?

I don't really like to wear lipstick, so I would have to say Mascara!

5) Do you watch any soaps?

Not particularly, I keep up to date with Coronation Street every so often but I don't really sit down and watch it anymore. Recently one of the girls in my flat got me into Home and Away, a show I haven't watched for ages!

6) What is the nearest object to the right of you?

Well I'm sat next to Mat on the sofa so it would either be him, a blanket, or his 3DS!

7) What is your favourite film?

That question actually felt like a punch in the stomach! I have so many! I wrote a Top Ten Tuesday list on the subject ages ago and remember agonizing for ages over that one! Maybe 'Matilda'? I know that I have never got bored of that film, and I never will!

8) Do you keep up with Fashion Trends?

Sorry, what are those? I'm joking, but honestly I would have to say that no: I do not. I am very much a practical dresser and tend to feel uncomfortable trying to be adventurous, which is what most trends do.

9) Where is your favourite place to shop?

Rather than the obvious Waterstones and lazy Amazon, I would say Game, New Look, H&M, WH Smith, Internacionale, Clarks (not just because I work there, the shoes actually fit me) and Boots.

10) Name one thing that really gets on your nerves.

Hypocrisy. I cannot stand to be told not to do something, only to witness that person who had a go do the exact same thing mere moments later. Don't make rules you can't follow.

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