Tuesday 30 December 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Goals/Resolutions for 2015'.

I can tell already that this topic will either be super easy or very difficult. I've never been good at New Year's Resolutions or keeping them, but there are a few that concern this blog or my reading habits that I would really like to stick to this year.

1) Don't pressure myself. Since I have moved to London, my reading pace has dramatically lessened. I've gone from reading a good 6 books a month down to 4 at the most. This was a big shock to me at first and I kept trying to force myself to spend every moment of my spare time reading, at the cost of being social, getting other things done, or even sleeping. Mat (my lovely boyfriend) has told me that I simply need to stop pressuring myself to get so much done, as working five days a week will affect my schedule. Next year I'll try to relax.

2) Don't let challenges rule my reading schedule. I didn't exactly get heavily involved in challenges last year but I kept forgetting that they were a fun little extra task and stressing out if I thought I might not complete them. I'm worried that if I keep pushing myself to read like this, it will no longer be fun and become a source of stress. That is something I do not want. It doesn't mean I won't be taking part in challenges, I just won't let them take over.

3) Make this blog more interesting. Of late, I have begun to feel like this blog is getting a little repetitive. That is to say, I post the same things every week! I would love this year to find new ways that will mean more interesting posts and ensuing discussions.

4) Catch up with my Netgalley reads/First Reads wins. I am so behind with these reads and I really ought to catch up with those that I have been approved to read. I'm pretty impressed with the number that I have been given actually, and it has all become a bit overwhelming. The same goes for all the books I have won in Goodreads 'First Reads' contests because I'm very behind on those too. 2015 will be a year of catching up, I think! 

5) Sort out my TBR list on Goodreads. Okay so I have too many books on that list. I don't even know what half of them are, nor do I remember putting them there. I really ought to sort them into levels of how badly I want to read them too, because the volume of books is getting far too many for me to even contemplate!

6) Finish the many series that I have been promising I would all year. You all know the series that I mean. The 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' Trilogy? 'The Hunger Games' Trilogy? What about 'The Lunar Chronicles'? Not to mention 'The Grisha' Trilogy. There are just so many series that I start with good intentions and never finish. If 2015 is a year for catching up then I need to read these.

7) Really get into all the writing I have been planning on doing. Along side this blog, reading and working I have in fact been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to sort out my life and kick off my writing career. I really think it's high time I got into it and tried to write my first book. If I don't I just know I will become caught in the routine I have built so far, which is work, then eat, then sleep. I think it's time to step into the world of Adulthood.

8) Organise my time more efficiently. I am not very good at this it would seem, but I think I need to actually make myself some sort of rough timetable in order to get things done and still have time for fun! I generally need to become more organised as a person I think, because it's my constant procrastination that causes problems.

9) Do more things with my Friends/Family/Mat. This isn't so blog related, but since moving to London I don't feel like I have done all of the things I would have liked to. This is mostly because of laziness and the lack of time. If I manage to achieve number 8 however, then I will have more on my hands and I can find time to do things with the people I love.

10) Try to be more sensible about buying books. Actually during more recent months I have been pretty good at this one. My goal is to keep it up because there isn't enough room for hundreds pf books and I should really only buy the ones that I really want.

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