Thursday 12 February 2015

Life Of A Blogger: Favourite Websites.

Wow, okay. So I thought this would be easy but actually it's quite difficult to think of my favourite websites! There are some obvious picks, so I'll go from there!
  • My Blog: I spend crazy amounts of time on this website. It is literally the first thing I go to when loading up the internet, and the last thing I shut down. Sometimes, I don't actually need to be on there for any reason I just load it up to...well sort of look at it I guess. What can I say? My blog is my baby!
  • Goodreads: Yet another site that I always load up. I always find lots to do on here, whether it's entering giveaways, playing on the never-ending quiz, browsing books (a personal favourite), updating my reading status, or seeing what everyone else is doing, I'm there!
  • Netgalley: I say this one in particular because while I am a member of Edelweiss, I've never managed to like it quite as much. Netgalley however, I check every few days at least. I love finding good books on there and I am constantly bowled over by the number of approvals I get!
  • Facebook: I spend a pretty decent amount of time on here, though I don't regularly update like I used to. I mainly use it to see how everyone else is doing (yes, I am one of those people).
  • Twitter: I update this one more regularly, though I think I should get into using it a little more. I try to (when I remember) tweet about new posts and things that interest me (bookish or otherwise) but I am a little forgetful. I promise to make better use of this site in the future though!
  • Tumblr: I mostly use this to re-blog GIFs and posts that make me smile or laugh rather than as an actual blog. It still takes up a pretty hefty portion of my day though! Long may I continue with this site, the people on there are some of the funniest and nicest that I have met.
  • Pinterest: This one might not come up on too many other posts, but I love it! For those of you who don't know, it's a form of picture sharing/organising that allows me to collect together pictures that I love into folders (fashion, make-up, art, photography, etc.) and I use it to do just that. It's pretty good for making mood boards as well and I used it a lot at Uni!
  • Amazon: I think it's safe to say that I browse this site a lot. There's so much to look at, especially books! I love seeing if the book I've been wanting to buy for ages suddenly lowers it's price (or even becomes free on Kindle) so that I can nab it quick!
  • Youtube: My video/music go to website. I've found out that if I look hard enough I can find pretty much anything that I want to find. I mostly use it to find songs, bu I do like to watch Let's Play videos for games too, so I watch a lot of those!

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