Thursday 17 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 17/04/2014: 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'.

So my day was pretty average and laid back. I did a bit of Uni work, but mostly spent the day chilling with my sister, doing some blog stuff and doing chores. I wrote up and posted my 'Life Of A Blogger' post, which took me absolutely ages because I had a lot to say on the subject! I have a lot of actors and actresses that I admire and look up to, so this was always going to be a topic that I enjoyed writing about. During the afternoon, Mat came round and I'm afraid to say Phoebe has failed her MOT. It wasn't anything huge, just the emissions level was way too high. Still, annoying and it leaves me (and Mat) without our beloved Fiat until the problem is fixed!

Onto the silver lining, and the crux of this post. We still went to the Cinema and we still saw 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'. It was a fantastic film, I enjoyed it so much! Firstly I'll talk about the part that stuck out most to me (as it always does). The soundtrack. Hans Zimmer, you have done it again! It was a work of art and as soon as it is released (please soon, I don't think I can cope) I want it. I loved what they did for Electro's theme, there is some really cool stuff in there! Now: onto the film. The visuals were great, the plot-line so brilliantly orchestrated. Between this film and it's predecessor, I would say this is definitely my favourite. Some great acting came from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and I felt the development in their relationship a lot more this time!

Some other stand out performances of course came from the villains. Jamie Foxx as Electro. He was so great, such a sad back-story and I completely understood him as a character, which is what I like in a villain. For me, they need to be complex, which Electro was. The same can definitely be said for Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn. I have never seen his acting before but I want more! He was amazing! There is a particularly unexpected and frankly pretty heart-breaking scene between the two of them which actually revealed their vulnerable sides. That's something you don't often see when two villains interact in a film and I really liked it. Talking of heart-breaking scenes, I won't give anything away, but I was a blubbering wreck towards the end. Be warned!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Uni again to help another of my friends with their project and to hopefully get some programming of my own done! I'll be pretty busy all day, but hopefully I'll get time to finish my NetGalley bio (I made a start) and request a couple of books to try it out! 

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