Tuesday 15 April 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Book-Related Things On My Wishlist'

So this week is a pretty broad topic. I can pick 10 things, that are book-related but not actual books that I would really like to own! Sounds fun right? I struggled a bit with this topic as I constantly had to fight the urge to pick books that I wanted!

1) A Book Journal.
Okay so this diary is something I only recently came across and oh my goodness how useful it would be! I am so forgetful when it comes to doing reviews about remembering particular loves and niggles and I often have to scour the book again to find the bit I'm after! With something like this, I could take notes and have all the information in front of me when reviewing, without having to go searching for it! What a stroke of genius this would be, I would love it! 

2) More Shelves.

Right now in my room, I'm pretty limited in terms of shelf space. Books just literally fill up every space in my room and it's becoming a real problem, especially as I can't seem to actually control my book-buying habits. Therefore, some more shelf space would really be appreciated right now! The more shelves the better, I just really need more space for all these books!

3) Book Ends.
Of course, to go along with all this shelf space I want, I'm going to want some Book Ends too! I love Book Ends (that's probably the weirdest thing I've said in a while...) I think they're such a clever invention! So many people get the whole 'books falling over' problem or having to lean some books at an angle to hold up the rest. Book Ends would soon sort that little issue out! Okay...I may have just included this one on my list to include a picture of some Fox Book Ends I found. I have a problem.

4) E-Reader Light.
Okay this one is a bit more practical/boring. I have a Kindle, and it would be great to get one of those little lights to attach to it, as Kindles aren't back lit. For those that don't know, they rely on the natural light so as to emulate real book pages. The little lights you can get that attach to them would make it so much easier to read at night without disturbing anyone or having to hold my phone torch! Serious arm ache ensues after an hour of that!

5) Book-Club Subscription.
Okay so I've talked about this before, but I actually had a dream about it last night so I must really want this! I would really love to be subscribed to a book club and receive a little package of books to read every month or two! Yes I know I've already complained I have too many books and not enough shelf space but still, nice thought?

6) Bookopoly.
Okay this one is a bit of fun. I love Monopoly. I love Books. It's a no brainer, right? Seriously, I love board games and so when I found out this existed an awkwardly large part of me wanted it! It's book related so it's going on the list! Bookstores and Libraries instead of Houses and Hotels? What's not to love!

7) A Bookmark Collection.
So something I would really love to have, but would take time for me to collate, is a collection of bookmarks. I would love to get one relating to each of my favourite books, and get them signed by my favourite authors! So actually what I really want is a Signed Bookmark Collection. I'm not very hopeful that this one will really amount to anything, the likeliness of me meeting all of my favourite authors is pretty slim. We can dream though.

8) My Own Published Book.
Okay, so this is the dream. I've mentioned this many times and it has a well deserved place on this list. I have a few ideas and it's a very slow work in progress until Uni is over. Then I will be working on it a lot more over Summer, which is very exciting to me! Please, please, please!

9) A Typewriter.
This is more a fanciful whim that I would like to indulge. I have always liked the way they looked and the idea of being sat at one writing clever, philosophical things. I mean just look at them, they are so beautiful! I think my love for a Typewriter comes from watching Moulin rouge. Such a great movie!

10) A Reading Nook.
Specifically a Window Seat in my imaginary library that I want to have one day! This is a little dream that I share with Mat, we would both really like a library that has a window seat that we can read books peacefully on. I think it just sounds like a nice idea, and one day, it will be mine.

There we are, this one was fun but quite difficult! Next week's Topic is 'Top Ten Characters who X'. Of course the X can stand for whatever I want, and I look forward to this one!

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