Saturday 26 April 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 26/04/2014: Five cups of tea in one day?!

The main event of the day, I would have to say, was finishing Holly Black's 'The Poison Eaters And Other Stories'. I thoroughly enjoyed it and all of this month's challenges are complete! Hooray! Currently I'm making my way through 'Days Of Blood & Starlight', and then 'Hereafter' by Terri Bruce is next on the list! At this point I feel like my Planned Reads for April has basically gone out of the window, but I really need to start on some of these NetGalley approvals because I really want to keep up with them! I have been ever so good and refrained from requesting too many. Hopefully I'll work out a good balance soon.

Other than reading and reviewing, I've been majorly catching up on other people's blogs (I normally like to comment on the blogs that I follow, but I feel like I've been neglecting that lately) and drinking copious amounts of tea. I answered a couple of emails which leads me onto my next exciting piece of news, which I alluded to yesterday! I will be taking part in my very first Blog Tour for a book that I downloaded from Netgalley a week or so ago, Vanessa Morton's 'Moonfall'. I really am ever so excited about this, as it stands my post will be appearing Mid-July so still quite a while away. I can't wait to read the book and I have plenty of exciting ideas for this particular post, so look forward to that!

I then spent the evening watching 'Britain's Got Talent' and relaxing! It looks to be a pretty similar agenda, and hopefully if I'm good, I might even finish my current read! Obviously I will also post my Weekly Wishlist at some point, so another busy blog day tomorrow!

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