Tuesday 24 March 2015

Fantasy Favourites Readathon Day 2: The Playlist Challenge!

When I read books, I always imagine songs that I love that would accompany certain scenes or characters perfectly. That's why I'm so excited to get going with this challenge! 

1) Pick a character and match a song to them.

My chosen character is Cress herself (from my current read, 'Cress'), and the song I have picked is Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me To The Moon'. My reasons for this is because I really feel like Cress wants to be a part of something. She is stuck in the middle of space on a satellite, with no one but herself for company, having been shunned from Lunar (see the moon connection) society. Her fixation with Thorne as well makes me feel like this song would be ideal to play while she is daydreaming about him. She wants to see things and have company.

2) Pick a scene and match a song to it.

I always thought that Gabrielle Aplin's 'Home' was quite appropriate for The Sea Of Tranquility by Katja Millay. I had no real reason other than the fact that I thought of it every time I read about Josh and Nastya meeting in his Garage. It's where they both go so they don't feel quite so alone and do things that they enjoy. It's the place where I feel they fully connect. I really love the song too!

3) Pick a book and match a song to it.

My chosen book is 'A Game Of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin, and the song I have picked is Seven Devils by Florence The Machine. Again, it's just a song that always brings this series to mind. Especially as it includes the line 'Seven Devils In Your House...' which is very apt considering that Houses are very important in Westeros and this song relates to the Seven Deadly Sins which are most prominent throughout the land. Every single character has flaws and that's what makes this such a great series!

4) Pick a song and describe a short scene that you would like to see happen in the book you are currently reading to that song or inspired by that song.

Well as I mentioned my current read is Cress by Marissa Meyer and I have chosen Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. And the scene that I want to see in the book? A Cinder & Kai reunion of course! I picked this song because I feel like it could easily refer to Cinder's glamour and her android self. 

5) Remember Tyrion? What song would you force him to listen to for as long as you were chained together on repeat?

Definitely Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons. I feel like this song just relates so well to his situation within his own family and I would want to show him a song by a band that I really liked. I probably wouldn't put it on repeat though because I wouldn't want to annoy him.

6) What song would Tyrion make you listen to?

Probably The Rains Of Castamere. Just to remind me what happens when I step out of line or try to force him to listen to the same song repeatedly for hours on end.

7) What is yours and Tyrion's song?

For some reason Friends To The End from the Tom & Jerry Movie popped into my head. I have no idea why but I'll go with it because it's quirky!

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