Thursday, 5 March 2015

Life Of A Blogger: 'Video Games'.

I thought I would use this week's Freebie to talk about something I also enjoy doing, as well as not talking a lot about. I would also be really interested to see if there's some fellow gamers out there too!

Ever since I was younger and owned my first ever Gameboy Advance, I've loved computer games. Pokemon (Red & Silver) is the first one I can remember playing and loving, and I played it almost all of the time. As well as that, I used to have a Joystick that had a ton of games on it, and I used to play it all of the time! A lot of my happy memories come from going round my friend's houses and playing on their consoles with them. Games like 'Timesplitters: Future Perfect' and 'Left 4 Dead' remain firm favourites even now. They're great multi-player games! I used to play a lot of computer games with my Dad too, such as car racing games and the Harry Potter games.

As soon as I got my own Xbox 360 and PS3, I got into a lot more games. I'm a huge fan of open world games such as 'The Elder Scrolls' franchise, the 'Batman' games and 'Fable'. Also, I love simulation games too. 'The Sims' is one of my favourite franchises to play. The inner sadist in me loves to play with other people's lives,even if they are virtual!