Monday 2 March 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (23rd February - 1st March)...

After a lovely but busy weekend with my sister, I really wanted to spend all of Monday relaxing, and so I did. I got a lot of posts done (and scheduled early, go me) and a lot of book read too! In fact I finished 'A Storm Of Swords: Steel & Snow', which took me ages! Mat and I watched a lot of 'Heroes' together and played 'The Evil Within' too. I had Tuesday off too instead of work, so we decided to do some cleaning and chores and I made a really good start on my next book too.

Work was pretty quiet this week but it was the most refreshed I've felt in a while at work, so it was good that the holiday worked. It went pretty quickly too, which was very pleasing. On Sunday, as you all know from my most recent review, I spent basically the entire day reading and managing to finish 'White Cat' as well as doing some Blog Posts. Exciting stuff!

I Reviewed:


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I Posted:

February Wrap-Up
Planned Reads For March
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