Monday 16 May 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans (9th May - 15th May)...

This week has been so busy, and that's meant I haven't had much time on my hands to read. However, I have been busy doing a ton of other fun things! To begin the week I had another day of my Training Course in order to become a Team Leader and found it very educational. I normally work late on Tuesdays so it was nice to do a 'morning shift' so to speak and have the afternoon to myself. I worked for the rest of the week, even on my birthday (Friday 13th)! Mat met me for lunch on my birthday during my sift, and then when I returned home we went out to Sweet, a new dessert cafe that has opened recently near our flat. The food was delicious and the evening spent in together even more-so.

On Saturday, Mat and I headed off to Sweet for brunch, before making our way to Stepney Farm (a place also close to our house that I had never been to before) which was so much fun! I'm a big animal lover and adored seeing and feeding the donkeys, geese, chickens, goats etc. (seriously, I'm a child at heart). It was such a fun afternoon out, and we spent the evening having fun playing games and watching films. Sunday was even busier as we got up fairly early in the morning in order to spend a day out in London. Our first stop was Holland Park, a place I've always wanted to visit due to the inclusion of it's gorgeous Kyoto Garden! It was as beautiful as I'd imagined and it was nice to walk around on such a sunny day and enjoy the sights! Straight after visiting the garden, we headed to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. I managed to buy a whole bunch of new books and we even had time to visit a couple of Bookshops (the dream).

I couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend, thank you so much to Mat and all my friends and family for spoiling me so much! If you want to read about what I actually received for my Birthday, I've posted the haul here!

I Read:


I Received:

- 'Fairy Tales' by Hans Christian Andersen: Present from my Sister (13/05)
- 'O Frabjous Day! by Lewis Carroll: Present from Tash & Meg (13/05)
- 'When We Collided' by Emery Lord: Received from Illumicrate (14/05)


Top Ten Tuesday: Websites I Love That Aren't About Books

I Posted:

My 23rd Birthday Haul & Illumicrate Unboxing (Box 3)!

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