Tuesday 3 May 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'Childhood Characters I Would Love To Revisit As An Adult'.

Some of my favourite TTT topics have involved me going back to the books of my childhood, so I was pretty happy when this one came up. There were so many great books to read back then!

1) Tracy Beaker from 'The Story Of Tracy Beaker'/'The Dare Game' by Jacqueline Wilson.

Jacqueline Wilson's books were a big childhood favourite of mine, and I went through all of them trying hard to work out which character I would like to revisit most. When I reached 'The Story Of Tracy Beaker', I stopped looking because I realised I'd found it. Her antics, both in written form and on the popular TV Show, were a huge part of my life. The TV Show had her as a Care/ Social Worker when she grew up but I wonder if Wilson would write her finally jetting off to fulfil those daydreams she always made up in her head when she was young.

2) Mandy Hope from the 'Animal Ark' series by Lucy Daniels.

This series was a real favourite of mine and my sister's when we were younger. Books like 'Puppies In The Pantry', 'Bunnies In The Bathroom' and 'Kittens In The Kitchen' filled our shelves, all telling the tale of the Hope Family's veterinary practice. Mandy herself wanted to continue on and help animals when she was older, I'd love to see if she achieved that or ended up doing something else with her life. 

3) George from 'The Famous Five' series by Enid Blyton.

Really, I loved reading about all five of the crime-solving gang in this series. But George always held a special place in my heart because she was such a tomboy, (and official owner of Timmy the Dog, whom I adored). I would be interested to see how her life turned out: she always seemed the unhappiest and loneliest so I'd like to imagine that she became a lot less spoilt and found happiness.

4) Jimmy from the 'Circus' series by Enid Blyton.

Another Enid Blyton read that I loved during my childhood, but when I say Jimmy I would really like to enquire about the Circus in general! Did Jimmy and Lotta fall in love over the years? How did Jimmy's act with Lucky the Dog develop? Does Mr Galliano's Circus even still exist? In fact, now I'm desperate to read those books all over again, they were so fantastic!

5) Robbie from 'Cool!' by Michael Morpurgo.

This was a really interesting book about Robbie, a young boy who is hit by a car and ends up in a coma but able to hear everything going on around him. Of course it ended happily with Robbie waking up (thanks to his loving dog), but I wonder how the trauma of it all affected Robbie in the long run. Did he grow up to be a well-adjusted adult or did he develop health issues such as anxiety (or even a physical disability?) which he endured through his whole life?

6) Matilda from 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl.

Oh, we all knew Matilda would get on this list. I have a ton of Roald Dahl characters I would love to visit as an adult but Matilda really has me curious. Does she still have her powers? What did she end up doing with her life? And did sweet, wonderful Miss Honey ever find love? I'd like to think she did and he ended up being the Father figure that Matilda deserved.

7) Hermione Granger from the 'Harry Potter' series by J.K. Rowling.

Well this is ever so slightly cheating because not only does Rowling give a small glimpse into an adult Hermione anyway, but I'm going to see the play in September where I'll definitely be able to see more details of Hermione when she's older. I'm so excited as I have real questions about the rocky roller-coaster that is probably her marriage to Ron and how her life of studying hard turned out for her.

8) Gwyn Griffiths from the 'Snow Spider Trilogy' series by Jenny Nimmo.

This book took a couple of reads before I fully understood what was going on, but I still loved it. Spiders were never really my thing, but this one was so pretty and helpful, and I ended up wondering what happened to Gwyn when he grew up. Being a magician must have left him with a lot of options for life. Did he have any other strange adventures?

9) Bastian Balthazar Bux from 'The Neverending Story' by Michael Ende.

Another Fantasy story with a young boy whom I would very much like to meet again. I've always wanted to read a sequel of some kid where a grown-up Bastian has to return to the book and save all his friends and the Childlike Empress once more. With a repaired relationship with his Father, I'd be interested to see the kind of man that Bastian became. 

10) Melanie Beeby from the 'Angels Unlimited' series by Annie Dalton.

This is a book that I never really talk about, but I really loved it when I was young. A young girl, whose life is promptly cut short, ends up becoming a time-travelling angel who goes on missions to prevent horrible things happening in the past that might detriment the future. It's difficult to find out how Melanie Beeby fared in Adulthood, considering that she died, but I never got to finish the series properly so would like to know whether she became a fully-fledged time traveller and whether she ever found a sense of closure.

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