Saturday 20 August 2016

Illumicrate Unboxing! (Box 4)

Wow, is it really time for the fourth Illumicrate box already? The last few months have been so hectic that time has really flown for me, but Daphne has dropped so many wonderful hints about this box that I was really excited to open it! The Unboxing post itself is coming very late. I actually received this box on the 9th August but I've been so busy thanks to the fact that I've moved to a new flat, and my stuff has been boxed away for a long time. The time has come to finally do this month's, even if it is late.

Once again the Illumicrate box design remained the same so I won't worry about putting a picture up. It's a great design, and I'm glad Daphne stuck with it. One of the things that really added to the anticipation with this book was Daphne's big reveal that there would be two books this month! I couldn't believe my luck, and hoped with all my might that I hadn't already got hold of one of them. Luckily, I needn't have worried!

Without further ado, I'll start with the part that everyone wants to hear about first: the books! This is by far my favourite box of the four I've had so far, and the two books played a huge part towards this!

BOOK ONE: 'Nevernight' by Jay Kristoff (Hardcover). Wowee! I requested this book on Netgalley a while back and was approved, but couldn't help but feel a small pang as I desperately wanted to own a copy. Well now I do! I so wasn't expecting this pick and I was so happy to find it waiting for me inside. It's now sitting pride of place in my brand new bookshelves, and boy am I pleased! I hope to get round to this read soon enough as it's high on my TBR. This book also came with a signed Book Plate, Art Card, bookmark and a hilarious exclusive video recorded by the author himself, Jay Kristoff! 'Nevernight' is a fairly recent release actually and that tends to be the pattern I'm finding with Daphne's picks when opening these boxes, which is good because it means I'm much less likely to own a copy myself. All in all an awesome start to the unpacking that had me really excited for what Book Two could be...

BOOK TWO: 'The Graces'; Laure Eve (Paperback). Honestly, there are no words to describe the noise that I made when I saw the second book. You all know that I recently attended YALC, and Laure Eve's 'The Graces' was probably one of the books that I came out of it feeling most excited about! Mystery and intrigue are definitely going to play a big part of it and I have seen so many great reviews from other readers that loved this book! What really made me go crazy when I saw this though? Probably the fact that I now own a gorgeous copy about a month before release date. As if that's not the greatest thing ever! I hope I can get round to reading this soon, I'm so excited! There were some wonderful extras with this book too: a signed bookplate, temporary tattoos for each of the elements and a lovely letter from the author that proved a very entertaining and enlightening read.

Trio Coasters: How weird that mere days before I received this box, my lovely boyfriend and I were talking about things we'd need for the new flat (coasters being one of the things we mentioned). Then, as if by magic, these two wonderful coasters appeared and now they have pride of place on my coffee table. I love the 'then and now' style they have, showing Harry, Ron & Hermione when they were younger (Books 1-7) and also much later in honour of the new play which I'm going to see very soon, 'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child'. Taratjah Art is responsible for the wonderful designs found on these coasters, so check out her page!

'Drink Me' Strawberry Tea: Inspiring visions of the much beloved 'Alice In Wonderland', 'Drink Me' tea looks nothing short of delicious. It combines one of my favourite tales with tea and strawberries. What could possibly be better? I'm looking forward to trying this loose leaf blend out, and I'm particularly excited because it can be made into Iced Tea too, which will be delicious as the weather here gets hotter. Check out Post Tea here, their website is so enticing and the have an Etsy page too!

In Omnia Paratus Tote Bag: I've not read or watched, or even deeply researched into the Gilmore Girls, but those that are a fan would love this Tote Bag! It came in handy when we were moving homes that's for sure and I really like it's colour and message. 'Prepared For All Things'. Colourful Geekiness are responsible for this lovely design and they do a huge variety of items that relate to a lot of different Fandoms.

There were a few extra additions for this box:

Colouring Quotes, designed by Ashley Poston that are being used for a separate, Illumicrate inspired competition. They are really nice quotes and I look forward to having the time to get my pens and pencils out! Thee was also a code for 40% off of her brand new book, 'We Own The Night'.

Some beautiful 'Red Rising' posters that really blew me away with how pretty they were. For those that are fans of Pierce Brown's space-set series, this is a gorgeous addition to any bookshelf or library. I'm totally desperate to frame them!

A sampler for the book 'A Torch Against The Night' which dutifully reminded me how much I wanted to read book one of Sabaa Tahir's series, 'An Ember In The Ashes'. Also, a code for Non Pratt's new book that's being released, 'Unboxed', which I'm very excited for!

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