Wednesday 5 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 05/02/2014: Up and coming opportunities?

It's that time of day (well night actually) again readers. My daily update. I had originally planned to have a little more to talk about this time, what with Uni and all. But I got an email last night telling me that my lecture had been cancelled (my lecturer is ill). Although I was pleased to have more time to get things done, I was a little disappointed that this meant another day of doing not an awful lot but work. Thankfully, as promised, I did get some done. I have stayed off the reading today (though I'll probably do a bit now before bed) so that I could focus more so I'm not much further through 'It'.

I did get some exciting news tonight. In an email sent a few days ago (which I haven't properly read until now) we were told that Strangeface Theatre Company are visiting our Uni and performing their newest production 'Shooting The Moon' for us! Having watched their re-imagining of 'Pinocchio' last year, there is absolutely no way I can miss this! It was charming, funny and a very original piece of work and I loved it. Reading up on this show, it looks to be equally as exciting, based around the life of Georges Méliès. I honestly cannot wait for this, I love the Theatre and would happily go every day if I could. Obviously, I shall post a full review in a weeks time after I have watched it. After tweeting about it, my Uni lecturer then informed me that I would in fact be helping to rig the lights for it. I'm very excited about this prospect, to even be part in some small way of this production would be an incredible thing to do.

Other than having the 'Frozen' Soundtrack stuck in my head all day, there's not an awful lot more to tell. I have signed up to the Masterclass Newsletter (worth doing for anyone interested in Theatre, both on and offstage) because I am considering pitching a play for them when they open for entries. This is at the moment a thought and depends how it will fit into the rest of my year but it's one I'm definitely thinking hard about. I will be off to bed now for a quick read before sleep, as I did not do so too well last night. The wind and rain were ridiculous last night and kept me awake until the early hours of this morning.

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