Wednesday 12 February 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 12/02/2014: Phoebe the Fiat has a tantrum.

Well, today certainly did not go to plan. It started off well, I got a lie in because my lecture was not due to start until 11 o'clock, so about an hour before I set off, all prepared to go to my lecture along with the numerous meetings and show previews I had to attend. It all went downhill from there. I knew I would be late because I had left later than intended and the traffic was absolute murder. But what I was not prepared for was my lovely little car (or Phoebe as she is affectionately nicknamed) to break down. As I tried to make my way to my usual parking spot, the engine began cutting out on me numerous times for no apparent reason. It was not an impressive start to my morning. I ended up just about getting the car to a handy nearby car park, paying to keep her there for the day and walking a twenty minute walk to University. I missed my lecture, I missed my first preview and I barely made the meeting I had arranged.

As well as this, as the afternoon went on it began to rain. And when I say rain I mean the sky literally turned into a waterfall. My poor boyfriend came all the way down from London after receiving my panicked and tearful phone calls about the car (luckily he has a day off today) and came to meet me so that we could get it sorted. His train arrived much earlier than my preview finished, meaning he was standing in the torrential downpour for a long while waiting. We walked back to the car (not a fun experience) and after much thought, decided it would be best to go home. The road between my hometown and my University is prone to flooding and the rain did not look like it was going to let up. This of course meant that I couldn't watch the show that I mentioned last week, the one that I have been desperately looking forward to all week! After testing the car, Phoebe the Fiat decided she was working absolutely fine again and so we hastily made our way home before she changed her mind. As devastated as I am about missing the show, we made the right choice. The river was bursting its banks as we drove past, and we had to drive through a few ponds where the road dipped. That would only have got worse as the day had gone by.

So yes, a gut-wrenchingly horrid day today! The only good part was that I got to see Mat for a few hours (he has gone back to London now) and if it weren't for that I would be wanting to curl up under a duvet for a few days and hide from the world. I don't have to worry about University tomorrow, as I have a day off and so I can get a few bits and bobs done. And the previews did go well (the ones that I saw anyway) so I suppose that's something. I just hope tomorrow is better.

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