Wednesday 5 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 05/03/2014: Story Writing.

Well today has felt pretty long and busy, despite the fact that really, it hasn't been. I got into Uni for my lecture at 10 o'clock, and found out that all Tech Slots have been cancelled meaning that programming will have to be done during Tech Week. This is very annoying, but nothing can be done so I guess I'll just have to cope with it. I don't think my mood has been helped by the fact that yesterday's headache never really went away. Also, we discussed our portfolios and I feel a lot better now that I understand what they involve. I was really stressed about this one because I didn't understand what I was supposed to do, but I'm feeling a lot better about it now!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and I'm really glad I chose to take the train. I got a lot of reading done in the process. Walking back to the station to go home, I walked through town and couldn't get over the lovely weather that has suddenly hit. It was a little nippy, but the sun was out and I had forgotten what that even looked like! I walked into a couple of charity shops and Waterstones, and I'm very proud of myself because I didn't buy anything! Go me! I wanted to though, the temptation was very great. I did buy another pancake though, the kind that you find in the UK (so Crêpes). Mine was smothered in Nutella, and needless to say, was delicious. I have been eyeing up that food stall for weeks and I finally took the opportunity today.

When I got home, I chose to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening writing. I have now completed the first draft for a Prologue/First Chapter of that idea that's been running through my head over and over. It isn't perfect but I feel like I have written what I need to, now I just need to tidy it up. I'm very excited so far about it, and I'm considering, when it has been developed a bit, putting an excerpt on here for you guys to read. I would certainly appreciate the feedback! I don't have a title for it yet, it's in really early stages of development and I really need to flesh out the concept and plot-line I'm going for here. But nonetheless, I'm pleased so far.

Not an awful lot else happened, I'm going to bed a bit earlier tonight (not much) so I can do a bit of reading and then catch up on some sleep. I need to do some Portfolio work tomorrow for Multimedia, but hopefully I can also finish and write a review for 'Wolves'. The pace of the story is really picking up now and I finally seem to be catching up with it a bit. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the finished thing.

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