Wednesday 12 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 12/03/2014: 'Tithe' has finally arrived!

Yes you heard me correctly! After weeks of waiting, Holly Black's 'Tithe' is finally here! Man I am so happy and relieved that I don't have to go chasing it up, that I thought I'd tell you about it before talking about my day! It has been one of the books I've been looking forward to reading this month most! I ended up having a pretty good day overall actually, despite an early start that I did not want. Firstly, Uni Tech stuff went fine and finished really quickly. I keep switching between feeling fine about next week, and feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack about it. Thankfully today, I was so tired that my mind decided to be relaxed about it all.

After Uni I had work and that too went really well. I hadn't been looking forward to it at all because I've got so much on my plate at the moment that I really didn't need a work shift on top of it all. It turns out, it was exactly what I needed. I spent all afternoon smiling and laughing, had a good day at work target-wise and managed to actually forget about life's other stresses for a while. Bliss! Also, a strange thing to say, but I really enjoyed driving today! Normally I'm a bit nervous and cautious because even though I started driving ages ago, I still feel like I'm new to it. But today I managed to see why other people enjoy it. This evening mainly just consisted of me relaxing to be honest. When I got home, I realised just how exhausted I was and every part of me aches. Still, my book has arrived and I received my Giveaway E-Book win from the lovely Jackie at Bibliobrat, 'The Invention Of Wings' by Sue Monk Kidd! It really looks like such a good read and I must thank her again for hosting the giveaway in the first place, I can't wait to get round to reading it!

I did take part (though I was a bit late) in a Book Chat on Twitter this evening as well. The topic was 'Sidekicks/Side Characters' and it was really really fun. We discussed our favourites, what qualities we liked in a sidekick, whether we like them to have a back-story of their own, etc. and it was really interesting to interact with other bloggers/readers and hear their thoughts on each question. It was hosted by Saira at Growing Wings, and Zara at Page 394. I would thoroughly recommend going to the next one, they're a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people! Every Wednesday, 7pm GMT if you're interested!

On a final note: I have 22 followers on Bloglovin' and 16 now on Google +! I'm so eternally grateful to everyone who reads and enjoys my posts, I'm very proud with what I've achieved over the last couple of months and long may the books/new friends/blogging fun continue! 

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