Friday 21 March 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 21/03/2014: Coursework submitted, Easter break begins!

Finally! My actual time off that I have been dreaming about all week has arrived. I cannot express how happy I am right now to see this moment. To not have to, at least for a little bit, worry too much about stressful shows I have to do things for or coursework that needs to be submitted! I managed to meet my coursework deadline today (just) and I'm pretty happy with what ended up being submitted so now it's just a waiting game!

After finishing my coursework, which actually took up most of my day, I went to pick Mat up from the station. We spent the evening at his, playing this new game called 2048 which he has me absolutely addicted to. Seriously look it up (unless you actually want to live your life, in which case avoid it at all costs)! We also played a bit of Pokemon (I bet you expected that) and Simpsons: Tapped Out which is another one that I thoroughly recommend if that's what floats your boat. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy my time at Mat's quite as much as I wanted to. Why? Because I am coming down with a cold. I'm hoping I'm just run down and it will be gone tomorrow, but I'll have to see on that front.

Speaking of tomorrow: if I'm up to it (i.e. not dying) we're going to see 'A Long Way Down' at the cinema! Hoorah! I have been looking forward to this film's release ever since I saw the trailer. I would also be really interested to read the book at some point. It looks really funny, in a dark kind of way and they are always good to watch in my eyes. I'll see if it lives up to expectations!

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