Saturday 3 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 03/05/2014: Signing up to Edelweiss!

I have had a good day today guys, though it was somewhat uneventful. I spent most of the morning at Mat's house and didn't get up too early! After coming home, I divided my time between some Uni work, reading 'Hereafter' (which I'm just over 50% of the way through, slow progress!) and just general browsing of the blogosphere. One thing I did do today, in preparation for my upcoming blog-focused Summer, was to join Edelweiss! I found a couple of books on there to request but I haven't gone mad (I won't until Uni is over). I also managed to write my 'Six Degrees Of Separation' post which was a lot of fun to do!

This evening I, of course, watched Britain's Got Talent and had a nice curry! I don't know if anyone else has tried this but I stole an idea from my local Indian Restaurant that Mat takes me too and put some Honey on my Naan bread. It is completely delicious, especially with Korma! Oh, also I downloaded 'Children Of Eli' by Mike Cranny, seeing as it was free! I haven't got to get up terribly early tomorrow but I do still have things to do so I'll probably be quite busy again! My Weekly Wishlist will be posted, and hopefully a review for 'Hereafter' too. I can't believe I'm having Game Of Thrones withdrawal symptoms too, I only got two episodes in!

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