Tuesday 27 May 2014

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: My picks for 'Books I Want On Film/TV'

A lot of people may know that as well as loving to read, I'm a huge film/TV fan. I love going out to the Cinema to watch the latest releases and I have a list of books that haven't yet made it onto the big (or little) screen, but that I think would be really great on those platforms if done well! So seeing as this week is a freebie, that's what I have gone with as my chosen topic.

1) The 'Daughter Of Smoke & Bone' Trilogy; Laini Taylor.

Now I've only read the first two books in this particular series as it stands, and I love them! This book has been such a huge hit and I know various rumours have flown around about film adaptions but I've seen nothing concrete and I think that's a real shame. These books would make a fantastic film trilogy! They'e got all the right elements for a dramatic plot, some interesting characters, and an imaginative setting! Why not? 

2) The 'Kingkiller Chronicles' Series; Patrick Rothfuss.

Now this series isn't actually complete yet but when I read 'The Name Of The Wind', I instantly thought that it would make a great film. I honestly don't think there are enough High Fantasy films out and they have always been my favourite, from the earlier 'Labyrinth' or 'The Neverending Story' to the more recent 'Lord Of The Rings' series. I've only read the first book of this series and I adored it! It has magic, adventure, a touch of romance, and it is one of my favourite Fantasy books that has been written. Why isn't it a film?!

3) The 'Inheritance' Series; Christopher Paolini.

Now I know what most of you are thinking. Eragon has already been made into a film! True as that may be, it was a bit of a flop and they missed out some pretty key plot details meaning they couldn't really continue the series on. I remember thinking that this would make a really great film series, and I really wish that the first attempt had worked out. As it didn't, could they not remake it? And this time get it right?

4) The 'Noughts And Crosses' Series; Malorie Blackman.

Let's move away from Fantasy for a bit. The 'Noughts and Crosses' series is in essence a fantastic series about the dangers and cruelty of racism, with a pretty ingenious use of role-reversal. I always thought that the series as a whole would make a great film, but even the first book alone would be an effective and deeply touching tale. It's one of the more memorable books on the subject that I have read and I would love to see it on screen.

5) The Tale Of Raw Head And Bloody Bones; Jack Wolf.

I've covered a fair few series. Let's move onto a stand-alone book. This particular historical fiction novel is and will always remain one of my favourites. It is well-researched, has a really interesting and Gothic story-line, and I really liked the characters. There is a bit of a Fantasy element to it, though as we learn early on that the character suffers from bouts of Mental Illness, we are never really sure if the creatures he encounters are real or imagined. It was the first book I ever reviewed for this blog and I think i would make an amazing (if slightly gruesome) film to watch!

6) Cuckoo Song; Frances Hardinge.

Now I only read this book recently but I thought it would make for a pretty intriguing film actually. It is quite creepy, and some of the descriptions/world-building within sounded so intriguing that I would love to see it brought to life on screen! Once you get past the slightly disturbing elements, it has a really strong story-line that teaches the power of friendship, perseverance, and family values.

7) The 'Light' Series; Laura Whitcomb.

Now, I've only read the first book of this series and so I'm only referring to 'A Certain Slant Of Light' here really. But it has such a great story-line and I actually think it would make a pretty interesting TV Drama to watch. Wonderful, relateable characters with plenty of action to be seen. 

8) The Snow Child; Eowyn Ivey.

I couldn't go a whole list without including a Fairy-tale retelling! 'The Snow Child' is such a beautiful book and I can really see in my mind's eye how this one could actually be realised on-screen. I love films that have fairy-tale elements and this particular tale is based on a folk-tale of the same name. It would be a heartbreaking film and probably one that would make me cry, but I would definitely take the risk in order to see it!

9) A Swift Pure Cry; Siobhan Dowd.

I have always loved this heart-breaking tale of Dowd's since I read it. Set in the pretty back-drop of Ireland, I think it would be a fantastic film that would really capture the realities of teenage pregnancy, as well as any audience's hearts and imaginations. 

10) The Three; Sarah Lotz.

I've only just finished this one (literally this morning, review will be posted today after this list). It really struck me how good this book would be as a film or TV series. It is quite unique in it's telling style but comprises as a series of accounts told from different POVs leading from one big event to several others. I don't want to give too much away, but I can really picture this one being a great film, with plenty of twists and turns included.

It was nice to have a Freebie this week and pick out our own topics! I can't wait to see everyone else's choices!

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