Friday 30 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 30/05/2014: May is almost over!

I can't believe how close the end of the month is! I have set myself a goal that I really have no choice but to complete. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I cannot stand not completing challenges that I have signed up to and I am in danger of doing that twice this month! I still have yet to read a Dystopian novel, and I have yet to read a novel for the 2014 Key Words challenge. Only one day of May remains and my chosen book that fits into both will be 'Shadow & Bone' by Leigh Bardugo (I do not have time to read 'Cinder' this month, which was my original Dystopian choice. I'm so mad!) This month should be the last month that this happens, as I have completely finished with Uni now and only plan to do a lot of working over the Summer, so I can easily fit in a lot of reading around that. I just wish I'd organised myself a little better this month! Straight after 'Shadow And Bone', I'm desperate to get back into a paperback book. I have had far too many kindle reads and I miss the feeling of physically turning pages (is this normal?) so I'll be reading a nice long book, 'The Luminaries' by Eleanor Catton. I am very excited to be reading this one and a huge thank you to my sister for letting me borrow it before she's even read it!

In terms of what I've actually done today rather than cry about May rapidly disappearing, I managed to finish 'A Red Tale' and posted the review this evening. I also went to work, and then after my shift, went to Mat's for the evening. we decided to watch 'Maleficent' on Sunday in 3D, so I very much look forward to that! We mostly chilled out, I read while he played Assassin's Creed and he also watched another episode of Game Of Thrones with me. That programme is so addictive and I'm getting excited watching the book creep up my TBR list towards the top. Not long now! Tomorrow I'll be working so posts might be a little late in the day again, but other than that reading is the only thing on my agenda. Wish me luck on completing 'Shadow & Bone' by the end of the day, I have really high hopes for this one!

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