Tuesday 13 May 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 13/05/2014: My 21st Birthday!

Well this post is coming a little late, but that's because I've been quite busy today! It's my birthday! I'm home now and have had a lovely day with Mat and my family, and I'm blown away by some of the gifts I've received! I'll do a quick haul because some of you might be interested and there are a few books scattered in there which I'm desperate to fan-girl about! I must apologise for very poor picture quality!

These are the presents I received from Mat and I'm so taken aback! I'll mention these first because I have already spoken about most of them but I was so happy with them! I mentioned that he got me a cute Eevee toy and Totoro toy yesterday while shopping. I probably also mentioned the Chocolate egg which I got yesterday as an early present! Well the one I received today was so unexpected and I still can't believe he got me one but it's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! I knew he was planning something bigger for my 21st, but this? I did not see it coming! I'm so grateful for everything he got me, as well as the lovely four days in London he treated me to. I've been spoilt rotten!

Next up are some of the presents I received from extended family. My Nan and Grandad bought me a gorgeous necklace which I adore. they let me look at it when I visited them a couple of weeks ago to make sure I liked it, which of course I did! It's beautiful! They also got me one of the two big keys, all wrapped up in pink as a bit of a joke. The second key is personalised and from one of my Aunts! speaking of Aunts, I have two more. One of them bought be a lovely bracelet and key-ring, while I received lip make-up from the other. I loved all of these presents!

This is actually a really terrible photo but pictured are the lovely and exciting presents that my Mum and Dad got me! A book on the Stage Show 'Les Misérables' (which I watched and adored). The 'Sherlock' series 3 DVD (which I am so happy about, it was on one of my Wish Lists). Tickets to see 'Let The Right One In' in the West End which I knew I was getting but I'm so looking forward to the show. The Swedish film is great! And last but certainly not least, the entire Harry Potter book collection! This present was entirely unexpected too and I actually almost cried! These covers are my favourite too so I was really happy!

Now for some reason this picture came out really well but there's a lot to cover here so I'll list them all anyway! These are the presents from my Sister, Bev who also has a blog at Tutus And Ballet Shoes and I love them all. She got me the 'Frozen' DVD which made me actually squeal when I saw it! She bought a couple of Owl-themed notebooks because I need some for general blog planning etc. There was also a lot of chocolate because it's probably my biggest addiction! And one of my favourite presents from her was a beautiful Snitch pocket-watch that actually opens and has pretty wings and tells the time and it's gorgeous (I love my Harry Potter themed bits and bobs).Now for the books which I'm sure you're all dying to hear about! First, 'Scarlet' by Marissa Meyer. The second in the Lunar Chronicles, I now have extra incentive to read them! The first three books of the 'Peter Grant' series, 'Rivers Of London', 'Moon Over Soho' and 'Whispers Underground'. Man I want to read these books so bad but simply thought I'd never get round to owning them! And last but not least, the entire 'Game Of Thrones' series! Wow I want to read these so badly but I must resist and get through my other reads first. 

And that about sums up my collection of Birthday bits! This is probably the longest Daily Shenanigans post I have ever written but it has been quite a day. I spent the evening with Mat and my Family, watching 'Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix' which happened to be on. I've really had such a nice day, though it's back to reality with work tomorrow!

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