Sunday 11 May 2014

Weekly Wishlist #12

Just got back from doing a spot of shopping so I thought I had better do this Wishlist before I forget!

1) Tickets to see Trafalgar Transformed's 'Richard III'. It is no great secret that I am a fan of Shakespeare and I also happen to think that Martin Freeman is an incredible actor. So when I heard the two were combining? Of course I wanted tickets! I have never seen Richard III performed live before, it should be really good!

2) 'Sisters Red'; Jackson Pearce. This looks like such a great series of books. Seriously, I am a sucker for Fairy-tale re-tellings and I really want to read these ones! 'Sisters Red' is the first in the series, followed by 'Sweetly', 'Fathomless' and 'Cold Spell'. They look like really interesting reads, and have been rated pretty highly. This one in particular is a re-telling of 'Little Red Riding Hood' which is one of my all time favourite fairy-tales. Pretty please?

3) 'A Monster Calls'; Patrick Ness. Okay before I say anything, how creepy is that cover art? I love it! I've heard a lot about Patrick Ness' books recently and I really would like to start getting into them. He gets so many high reviews and having read the synopsis for this one it sounds like my kind of book! I'm also intrigued by the fact that the idea was originally Siobhan Dowd (who wrote the beautiful 'A Swift, Pure Cry'). It certainly looks worth a read!

4) 'Ultraviolence', Lana Del Rey. On my 'Life Of A Blogger' post a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was a bit of a fan of Lana Del Rey. I think her voice is just gorgeous and I like to listen to her songs no matter what mood I'm in! I'm so excited that she has another album coming out! It won't be released until June, and the sooner that date comes, the better! The songs on this particular album are apparently a little darker than some of her previous work so I'm certainly intrigued!

5) 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' DVD. I was completely blown away by this movie when I saw it in the cinema! 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is such a hilarious film, the acting was superb and the concept very original. I really liked it a lot and it seems that it will be released on DVD very soon. I would really love to get my hands on a copy to watch the film again, I enjoyed it so much!

This week's Wishlist is complete! My birthday is very, very soon now. I can't wait to see if I can cross a few things off of some of these lists I've been making!

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