Thursday 29 May 2014

Life Of A Blogger: 'Siblings'.

Here we are again! This week's topic is 'Siblings' and seeing as we're both bloggers, Bev and I thought it would be fun to do something together. Each of us has answered 15 different questions for each other's blogs as well as our own and here they are!

1. Describe each other in one word?

Beverley: Hilarious.

Katrina: Understanding.

2. Do people ever get you mixed up?

Beverley: Not really, people do say we look similar but no one has ever actually called me "Katrina".

Katrina: My thoughts exactly, we get a lot of people saying that it's obvious that we're sisters, but our physical traits aren't extremely similar.

3. Whats the best thing about one another?

Beverley: She's a really good person to hang out with, she makes me laugh and she's a super good listener. That's not really one thing but hey.

Katrina: Bev is very good at understanding me. She is very honest as well, if I'm being silly then she'll tell me and I need that sometimes. As well as that, I just like to spend time with her.

4. Favourite inside joke?

Beverley: The one that comes up most is Kat and her 'fancy moves' which we first sort of discussed years ago and every so often they pop up. We were basically debating who was stronger (which I am) and then she started attempting some weird kind of kung-fu moves.

Katrina: Oh my goodness, 'fancy moves' was going to be my choice as well! It comes up a lot in conversation.

5. Who takes longer to get ready?

Beverley: Probably me because I make lots of very conscious decisions in the mornings like what to wear and things, but Kat takes forever because she spends ages on her laptop and leaves everything until the last minute, so I take longer but if we're late then it's her fault!

Katrina: I would definitely say me generally. Yes Bev does make many conscious decisions, but my consistent procrastination always puts me in last place!

6. Favourite movie you've seen together?

Beverley: Going to have to go with 'Chernobyl Diaries'. It's a terrible film but the whole atmosphere was pretty hilarious. 

Katrina: Bev isn't a huge movie-goer so we haven't watched many together. I really enjoy watching Frozen or Harry Potter films with her!

7. What is your favourite thing to do together?

Beverley: I think Kat's a pretty cool shopping buddy. I really like to chill and do nothing with her too.

Katrina: Shopping with Bev is quite a lot of fun. Or playing games!

8. Do you guys have anything matching?

Beverley: Not really no, we have very different tastes. Our leather jackets do look pretty similar though.

Katrina: No, nothing really! Our tastes are very different.

9. What's your favorite TV show to watch together?

Beverley: I know that Kat's going to disagree but I actually love watching 'trash' shows like "Made In Chelsea" or "The Only Way is Essex" with Kat, purely because her commentary is hilarious.

Katrina: I like watching 'The Big Bang Theory' with Bev, it's a programme we both love!

10. Do you share any favourite music artists?

Beverley: The ones I can think of are Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine. They're the ones that really stand out to me.

Katrina: Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey, Florence & The Machine, quite a few actually! Those are the main ones.

11.What's the best gift you've ever received from each other?

Beverley: I've had some really great gifts from Kat over the years. I really love my iPod dock that she bought me a couple of years ago for Christmas and I still use it really often so that's probably one of the top things. More recently, she bought me a bottle of Marc Jacobs Honey perfume which I adore, and also the Yankee Candle Christmas memories set which I also love. I think I love those two most because they're so 'me' and they were both so unexpected.

Katrina: Well it was my birthday pretty recently and Bev got me a whole host of amazing presents. My favourites included the books that she bought for me, particularly the awesome 'Song Of Ice And Fire' series. Also, I really loved the little Golden Snitch necklace with a watch inside.

12. Who's more intelligent?

Beverley: I'd say we're of fairly equal intelligence. She's got a few years on me though so she's got more experience of some things. We're both intelligent, but in different ways.
Katrina: Like Bev said, we are both intelligent I think. She's got a little more common sense than I have I suppose.

13. What's the most recent fun thing you've done together?

Beverley: My favourite really recent thing we've done together was definitely our trip to Canterbury. It was good to have a proper chilled out day and do a little shopping/browsing.

Katrina: Playing 'Town Of Salem'! Though the Canterbury trip was pretty fun, especially coming home and blasting out music while in the car.

14. If you could steal one personality trait from the other person, what would it be?

Beverley: Her confidence.

Katrina: Her ability to remain calm.

15. If you could steal one physical trait from the other person, what would it be?

Beverley: The fact that she can literally eat anything and not put on any weight. 

Katrina: The fact that she can suit so many clothes, I certainly can't!

Check out Bev's blog by clicking below, her post will also be up today! she blogs about fashion, lifestyle, make-up and beauty and she also does plenty of book reviews! Check her out!

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