Thursday 19 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 19/06/2014: New house?

Well guys. As of late I've been rather busy doing a lot of things. Working, making trips here, there and everywhere,  etc. and a good majority of this relates to the fact I have been searching for a place to live with Mat and a couple of his Uni friends. Today I went to a flat viewing,  and I expected it to be nice as the pictures on the website were gorgeous. What I was not expecting to do was to like and want it so much that we ended up paying a holding fee to have it taken off the market, and to be well on our way to securing the place by this evening. Seriously,  I'm so thrilled and excited but it has certainly been a stressful and nerve wracking day! Fingers crossed this all works out!

Other than that, I haven't done an awful lot. I've been watching the football this evening (we lost...again) and spent time with Mat but that's about it. I ended up writing my Life Of A Blogger post quite late this evening but the topic was fun! Tomorrow I have work, then I'll be off to watch the Uni Musical,  which I'm very excited about. 

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