Monday 30 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 30/06/2014: Sneaking in one more read!

Well I don't quite know how I managed it, but I finished and reviewed Stant Litore's 'No Lasting Burial' in time for my June Wrap-Up post! Hooray! I'm glad I did too because it was well worth the read, I can tell you. As well as that, it marked my last read for the target of 35 reads I set myself on the Goodreads 2014 reading challenge! I've had a fairly busy day today. Firstly I got up pretty early, then had to rush out of bed so that I could drive to Mat's house and pick him up. We drove back to mine and spent most of the day together! I watched a couple more episodes of Game Of Thrones (Season 2) and oh my goodness, things are getting tense! It's making me crave the next book! After Mat had gone, I got straight onto reading and finishing my book for review, and then typed up my June Wrap-Up post. I also got to see how well I had done with my Bookish Bingo challenge over the last few months. I was pretty pleased and can't wait to have ago at the Summer card (July-September). 

Tomorrow I have work again but I have a number of Blog Posts to type up too, as well as making a start on 'Divergent'. I am excited to be getting on with things though!

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