Thursday 12 June 2014

Life Of a Blogger: 'Collections'.

It's strange actually, I don't really collect things anymore. I used to be wildly into collections though, you only have to look at my room to know I'm somewhat of a hoarder. I went through some pretty strange phases throughout my life, and while I don't have some of them anymore, a lot of these are hidden away somewhere in my room!

Shells. When my parents used to take my sister and I away on Holiday, we would rarely go out of the country. Instead, we would go away to Holiday Parks in England and we would always be close by to a beach, or at least within a good driving distance. My love for shell collecting started when my Nan & Grandad (who journeyed out of the Country a lot) came back with a couple as souvenirs. I thought they were beautiful, so I started trying to find my own pretty ones to take home with me from the beach. That combined with the fact that my Grandparents also got into the habit of bringing me back more and more as they came back from their adventures and had myself a shell collection!

Crystals/Gemstones. Like shells, I found these objects both fascinating and beautiful. My real love for them started when I was very young and my parents bought me a 'Grow Your Own Crystal' set, which I thought was the most awesome present ever! I grew them religiously and kept them in a little box which had dividers so that I would never lose them. As for the Gem-Stones, when I visited Malta I bought myself a Snowflake Obsidian necklace from a range that a shop-owner was selling. From then on, I wanted to collect them all and began buying myself little cards that had them attached with their names above them. Nowadays they all sit on my Window-Sill in a cute little teacup that was given to me by a friend!

Weepuls/Wuppies. I had to look up the name for these, and a lot of you might be staring at this one a bit blankly but when I was younger, I loved them and they were everywhere! They consisted of a large pom-pom, googly eyes and sticky feet! They were used a lot for promotional materials and when people would come into my Primary School to talk about Road Safety or the Fire Service, they would hand these out. My collection wasn't huge but I adored them all the same. I think my favourite was probably an orange one that I got from B&Q, it had such an adorable builder's hat on!

Thimbles. My Nan started this one off. She gave me a small box with a couple of Thimbles in and explained to me what they were and why she used to use them! I thought they were so pretty, they were made of Porcelain/China and were quite delicate but she would often come round with more to add to the collection that she'd decided she didn't need anymore, or she'd got hold of especially. My favourite one came in it's own container and commemorated the Golden Jubilee. It's the very first collection that sprang to mind when I saw this topic!

Theatre Programmes. For a very long time, I have been a fan of the Theatre. Be it straight play, Musical Theatre, Dance, I adore it! And every time I have gone to a production, I have always bought myself a programme to commemorate the event with! I've built up quite a collection now and it ranges from West-End performances to productions from local Theatres such as the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. Even Amateur productions I have seen feature in there! I'm still adding to this collection and to be honest, I probably won't stop!

This is probably just a small insight into my collecting days, some of these I still do collect from time to time!

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