Sunday 22 June 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 22/06/2014: Being positive!

So if I was feeling a bit strange and upset yesterday, I definitely felt better today, and a lot more productive too! Firstly, I have filled in and sent off the application form to live in the potential new flat. Just talking about it today has really excited me and I am looking forward to hopefully securing it once and for all! I did also post my 'Weekly Wishlist' today which was new flat related. I felt like being a bit different today. My main achievement which I've only just achieved however was finishing 'One Hundred Years Of Solitude' at last! The review will of course go up tomorrow as it's late now, but I'm keen to get started on my next read. Generally I've just had an awesome day and got plenty of jobs completed. Hooray!

Tomorrow I'm seeing Mat for a hefty chunk of the day, reading and catching up on emails that I keep forgetting to send. 

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