Wednesday 28 March 2012

Made Up about Make-Up

Readers I can only apologise for the severe lack of blogging. It is inexcusable I know, and now I've broken up for Easter I'm going to attempt to catch up on the last month or so. The sun has finally come out and I feel really happy!

Firstly, I've really been getting into the whole Makeup thing recently. I've entered a couple of contests on Facebook and have gone a bit crazy and brought a ton of eyeshadows from indie companies in America. My orders from Shiro Cosmetics and Fyrinnae arrived a while back and have worked wonders, so I have ordered from them again. Meanwhile I've also ordered and received a huge order from Darling Girl Cosmetics and a sample pack of colours inspired by Wonderland from Aromaleigh which are all very beautiful. I'm seriously thinking of starting up this Beauty Blog as I'm really getting into the whole Makeup thing. More samples on the way for me to try out too!

Second thing, films a plenty! I've been to see many at the Cinema which I will briefly describe and review. Firstly, 'This Means War'. This film was very funny, as was it's purpose. A tad predictable as you had the entire plot pretty much sussed before the opening credits had finished. However I did really enjoy it and they did keep you guessing a bit with which man she would choose in the end. Still, a good film and one to watch on a rainy day. Next, I went to watch 'The Raven', based on the later part of Edgar Allen Poe's life (who is an amazing poet). The film itself was very very good, you constantly weren't sure who the killer was as there were many suspects. One thing I DIDN'T enjoy was the sheer amount of gore. Readers, I'm not just talking about the odd blood squirt, I am talking man getting his stomach cut open RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES. There was an awful lot of it as well! Still that might just be me as I can be very squeamish about things like that. The final film that I watched last week was...*drum roll*...'John Carter'! Now many of you may have heard that it has been a total flop! When we went to watch the 3D showing, there was quite literally 8 of us in the Cinema. After watching the movie I find this appalling! It's a fantastic film and I would happily go and watch it again and again! If you haven't watched it, I am begging you to support the hard work that has been put into it and go and watch it! I can guarantee you will not only enjoy it, but absolutely fall in love with what can only be described as the Alien Dog, Woola (Google him)!

As well as buying tons of Makeup, I've been watching a lot of dance! I've bought on DVD a dance tribute to Pina Bausch, 'Pina',  and I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. The DVD I'm waiting for to arrive (and so hyped about) an Alice in Wonderland ballet. Readers, just watching the TRAILER has given me shivers. I can't wait!Also, since I've broken up from Uni I've been forced to tidy the bomb site that is my room (good progress so far) and give it a spring clean. While doing this I've taken the opportunity to rewatch a couple of my favourite films, 'Matilda' and 'Spirited Away'. These are just the cutest, best films and I absolutely love them! The soundtracks are just wonderful too.

Well readers I'd hoped to include a few pictures with this blog but for some reason I can't, I'll get it checked out. In the mean time, a Cirque Du Soleil DVD for their show 'Dralion' has just arrived for me so I'm going to pop that into my DVD player and do a bit more tidying. I hope you can forgive me for the lack of blogging.