Tuesday 6 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My picks for 'TV Shows I'm Currently Watching/Really Want To Get Into'.

TV Shows are kind of a recent thing for me. Obviously I've been watching them since I was a kid, but what I mean is really getting into and following TV Shows has only been something I've been doing for the last few years. I already did a post at some point this year about the Reasons I Love Game Of Thrones/Once Upon A Time, two of my favourite shows of all time. But seeing as I'm updated on those two, how about the shows that I'm currently getting through? What about shows I want to start watching?

Currently Watching...

1) Pokemon.

Where I Am: Season 2 (Adventures In The Orange Island)

What can I say? Playing Pokemon Go has rekindled my adoration for this series, and everything it represents in my childhood! I always remember Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 of course, but honestly I'm excited to be getting beyond that because I never got to watch the later seasons! Mat and I are having so much fun remembering all the running gags and long-standing memes that relate to the series, and we're going to be watching it for a long time to come! I can't wait!

2) Agents Of SHIELD.

Where I Am: Season 2

I've been looking forward to getting back into this series again and Mat and I managed to watch episode one of Season 2 only yesterday! It feels like we watched Season 1 so long ago, but with everything that happened in it, there was no way we wouldn't come back to it. Above everything, I've missed Fitz and Simmons, so I'm hoping to see more of them in Season 2! I've heard really great things about the later story-lines, and while it took us a few episodes to fully immerse ourselves in the action, Mat and I are 100% fully invested in the show now! There's no going back!

3) Agent Carter.

Where I Am: Season 2

Another Marvel series  know, but right after watching Season 1 of Agents Of Shield, this was top of the priority list. Having watched the first season now, I'm really holding out for Season 2 being great and devastated to know that they've cancelled it! How could they do such a thing?! Peggy Carter was such a great female role model, and I adored watching he totally kick ass despite the sexist attitudes of her time period. I really hope that someone changes their mind and the series is rebooted again. I'll still be watching Season 2!

4) Arrow.

Where I Am: Season 1

This feels like a long abandoned watch of Mat and I's, as we are only part way through Season 1, but I still have hopes that we'll get back into this series at some point. As you can see, we are both big fans of Superhero shows, so this should have been top of the list (especially as The Flash and Supergirl are also in our sights for the future. I've always been a much bigger fan of Marvel than DC, but was a little surprised to find that this watch simply didn't blow us away in the way that we expected it to. I'm hopeful that when we get back into it again, we'll be doing so with a fresher eye and can fully immerse ourselves in the story.

5) The Great British Bake Off.

Where I Am: Season 7

Anyone who says this doesn't count is wrong. In Britain, this show is pretty much a staple watch, and must be viewed with a cup of tea, biscuits and a lot of commentary. Seriously, the show premise might sound a little dull, but in all honesty it's one of the tensest competitions I've ever watched! Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are pretty much worshipped by some of my closest friends and anyone who likes competition but is getting bored of Big Brother, The X Factor or even Masterchef might appreciate this. 

Want To Watch...

1) Stranger Things.

This series looks so good! It keeps coming up on my Netflix suggestions and I'm desperate to get invested in a series that's a little different from others that I've watched! A lot of people have recommended it to me as well so I plan at some point, when I have time on my hands, to get into it!

2) American Horror Story.

I did actually used to watch this series with my sister a long time back, then when I moved away we lost track of it and had to put it to one side. While a little creepy and a lot weird, I actually really enjoyed it so am keen to give it another go. I like scary things, and this definitely fell into that category!

3) Supernatural.

Another series that I've lost track of, I used to watch this with my housemates and we actually all got to Season 5! Sadly, exams, work and all sorts of other stresses meant that we spent less time together as a group and we ended up abandoning it. Mat and I are going to try again (probably starting from Season 1 again). Fingers crossed!

4) The 100.

I see GIFs of this show on Tumblr ALL THE TIME. I don't really know what it's about, other than it contains a major dose of Sci-Fi but it looks really good and I want to watch it at some point! Hopefully soon, but as you can see I have a lot of shows to get through and it seems to be a tough show to find outside of the USA!

5) Orphan Black.

Another weird one with a pinch of sci-fi, my old flatmate Meg got into this show and I watched a couple of episodes with her which I thoroughly enjoyed. Since then, it's been playing on my mind that I need to get back into this show properly in order to fully understand it.

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