Friday 31 January 2014

Daily Shenanigans, 31/01/2014: The weather outside is frightful!

Let me start this blog post by telling you that as I write, the weather outside is absolutely vile! It has not stopped raining and the wind has been blowing for a number of weeks now (I think any hopes for any kind of snow this year are well and truly dashed) but tonight it is just dreadful. Right. British rant about the weather over, back to the subject of my post.

My day started early readers, I am without a car this week meaning I have to get up at ridiculous o'clock to catch a train for University. The lecture, luckily, went quickly and soon I was on my way home again. On he way back I wandered through the town, bought myself a lovely cake from the bakery and had to physically talk myself out of buying anything in the Oxfam bookshop because I already have a huge pile of books in my room and nowhere to put them. It was heartbreaking. Totally heartbreaking. I managed on both train journeys to get a bit more of 'Cloud Atlas' read (which made me feel quite productive) though in truth I probably got no more than a few pages further. I'm really enjoying this book and cannot wait to write a review of it, which should be up in the next few days (hopefully by Sunday if I can give myself a good enough kick up the arse).

After coming home, I got to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening with my partner. He currently goes to Uni in London so I only really get to see him at weekends when he comes home. We didn't do all that much to write about though I'm afraid, just relaxed at his house and played on the Xbox One (the lucky sod has one and I don't!) Assassin's Creed 4 is a great game, in case you were wondering. Tomorrow, we are off to the cinema to see 'Out Of The Furnace'. I wasn't terribly enthused at first as it's not my kind of film, but the more I hear and read about it, the more I actually can't wait. I'll give you a small review of that tomorrow!

In other news it's the 31st, marking the end of January and the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This year's animal is...drum roll please...the horse! I don't normally follow this stuff really but I've seen it everywhere today, so if you do, then I wish you a prosperous new year!

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