Monday 14 September 2015

Last Week's Shenanigans (7th September - 13th September)...

This week has actually been exceptionally busy for a number of reasons. I didn't do a whole lot for the first part of the week except go shopping with Mat at Stratford on Monday (for a little while at least) and work. Before work on Tuesday I met up with my parents who were in London for the day while my sister had a training course. We had a lovely coffee/hot chocolate at Starbucks before I took them to Clarks to get some new shoes. It was lovely to see them again and have such a nice catch-up.

On Thursday, Mat grabbed his well-packed suitcase and jetted off early morning to America (California to be exact) to go and visit one of our friends who is going to Uni there this year. Of course it was a long flight there and I pent pretty much the entire flight worrying about him but he's safe and sound and having a great time! In response, I booked some time off of work from Friday to Wednesday this week to go and stay with my parents and so I only had to spend one night in the flat alone. Unfortunately, that was when the biggest spider I had ever seen in my life decided it was high time it made itself known to me. After a lot of crying, hysteria and general worrying, I managed to pluck up the courage to hoover it up with the long arm attachment of the hoover from the other side of the room. Anyone who knows me will know that's the greatest achievement of my life because I'm a huge arachnaphobe.

After recovering from that terrifying ordeal, I packed up on Friday night and made my way to Ashford to stay with my family. I've had a great time so far! I spent Saturday relaxing with my parents and sister, catching up and watching TV/films while getting some blogging and reading done in the process. Sunday I visited my Nan & Grandad with my sister, who drove us both up there. It was a lot of fun and we all went out for lunch at a local pub for a Sunday Roast. Yum! I'm missing Mat a lot of course but at least I have something nice to do while he's away, rather than being stuck at work the whole time.


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