Saturday 1 October 2016

Planned Reads For October.

IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH EVERYBODY! That means I must have a ton of scary reads lined up for myself, mixed with some paranormal to make things even more interesting. I'm so excited! I've picked some that I've been looking forward to reading for a while!

  1. 'China Dolls'; Lisa See. As much as I'm eager to jump straight into the spooky reads ASAP, I'm determined to see this book through to the end first. I've barely started it and it's pretty long, but it isn't too bad a read so far so I'm excited to see what it has in store for me as the plot develops.

  1. 'As I Descended'; Robin Talley. This one is a really recent release and looks really interesting to me because it's a retelling of Shakespeare's spookiest play, 'Macbeth'. I've always had a fondness for that particular Shakespeare piece from when I studied it in English at school, and went on to play Banquo on an all-girls production of it. I look forward to seeing what Talley does with the story!
  2. 'If I Fall, If I Die'; Michael Christie. Okay, I wanted to have a book to break up the scares a little and this one has been on my radar (and Netgalley pile) for a while. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to getting round to it! It features an Agoraphobic character too which should be interesting to say the least and while it isn't a scary story, fear will definitely play a big part in the story.
  3. 'The Graces'; Laure Eve. After coming back from YALC, this was hands down my most anticipated read at that time. I was delighted to receive an ARC in my Illumicrate box back in August and while I didn't get round to reading it until now, it was intentional that I saved this for Halloween seeing as it's main focus is witches! You can't have Halloween without witches!
  4. 'A Monster Calls'; Patrick Ness. Now while this book is more about mental illness and handling emotion than monsters, I have a feeling it's still going to be fairly creepy. Mostly because, despite my limited knowledge of it, I know a monster does feature in the book. For me, that's good enough, and I am dying to read another book by Patrick Ness as 'More Than This' impressed me so much!
  5. 'The Lie Tree'; Frances Hardinge. Do I want to read the YA book that won the Costa Book Of The Year award in 2015? Duh! I've read Hardinge's book 'Cuckoo Song' too and adored it's creepiness, so I'm expecting big things from a book that's received so much attention! With so many great reviews, I just know this is going to be a new favourite of mine.
  6. 'The Dead House'; Dawn Kurtagich. My knowledge of this book is very little, but I know that (a) Dawn Kurtagich is an author that is recommended to me often by fellow YA Horror lovers and (b) a title like 'The Dead House' is perfect for this time of year! October is going to be so much fun.

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