Saturday 18 February 2012

Valentines Day and Masterclass Week

My apologies, dear readers. I have been very ill over the last few days and so couldn't post. Therefore I have a lot of catching up to do!

Firstly, Valentines Day. It can only be described as perfect. I understand that many feel Valentines Day to be overrated (they are normally single) and in a sense I agree, it is very commercialised. However, those who actually tell couples off for being happy on Valentines Day are ridiculous. Many people put a lot of thought into their Valentines Gifts for their loved ones and can't wait to GIVE them. Surely such positive, thoughtless feelings are to be encouraged. I received a beautiful bunch of roses and a box of chocolates (yes I know, I know) which I was very grateful for. As cliche as they are, I've never had flowers for valentines day before and I imagine they were very expensive! But as well as this, I got my favourite present, a cuddly Simba and Nala from the Disney Store! It reminded me that Valentines Day is not just about buying the most romantic present you can find, but buying a present that you KNOW the other will love. It was also a dutiful reminder that I'm going to see The Lion King Musical for my birthday (AHHHSO EXCITED).

Now moving on from Valentines Day. This week has been Masterclass Week for my Performing Arts course at Uni (a sort of half term with optional classes) and I have attended a couple. The first was Puppetry with Steve Allen, who has worked with the Muppets and more notably in my opinion, created the prototype for Ludo in Labyrinth! (Ludo!) His class was fascinating and gave us an insight into how much hard work puppeteering can be (it absolutely kills the arms). We even had a go at making puppets from our hands (again like in Labyrinth, or the Adult Education advert).

The other class I attended this week was a Make-Up/Special Effects class and this on I was very excited about. I was not disappointed! The class focused on Wounds/Cuts/Bruises and was fascinating! You would be surprised how much you can do with a Snazaroo Kit, though I expect you can do a whole lot more with professional equipment. Here are a couple of examples of the wounds we created:
Gruesome huh? I certainly can't wait to do more of this kind of stuff!

As for the rest of my week, obviously I've been ill. But I have been able to finish 'ToraDora!' and watch a movie that I brought a while back and never got round to watching, 'Origin: Spirit Of The Past'. I'll talk more about those next post.

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